8 Surprising Facts From 'Esquire' Magazine's American Men Survey

If popular television is to be believed, American men love strip clubs. But in the real world, they get a bigger kick out of Coldplay concerts, at least according to a new survey from Esquire magazine. Esquire asked 1,000 U.S. men about their behaviors, beliefs, and attitudes — from whether they like their jobs to whether they get stage-fright when someone's at a nearby urinal. Many of the findings fly in the face of conventional wisdom. Here are eight surprising facts about American men in 2014.

  1. Only 7 percent of men really dig strip clubs. When asked how much they enjoy going to strip clubs, only 7 percent answered "immensely." About a quarter said they enjoyed them somewhat, 31 percent said they enjoyed them a little bit, and 37 percent answered "not even a little bit."
  2. Men like cooking, shopping, and Coldplay concerts better than strip clubs. Some 8 percent said they would "immensely" enjoy attending a Coldplay concert, 11 percent really like shopping for new clothes and 27 percent are big fans of cooking dinner for family and friends.
  3. 20 percent are unemployed. When asked how they felt about their job, 14 percent said they loved it, 36 percent "liked it okay," 27 percent tolerate it, 2 percent hate it, and 20 percent said job? What job?
  4. Only 14 percent have sexted recently. Meanwhile, 63 percent say they've never sexted.
  5. Not all men like TV sports — not even close. Nearly 30 percent said they didn't enjoy watching TV sports at all. Ten percent enjoy it immensely, 28 percent enjoy it somewhat and 33 percent enjoy it a little bit.
  6. They're shockingly sober. When asked how often they had two or more drinks in one sitting, 48 percent of men said not even once a week. Thirty-four percent imbibe one or two nights per week, 10 percent on three or four nights, 5 percent on five or six nights, and 3 percent drink like Don Draper (that is: every night).
  7. Men appreciate a good moisturizer. Asked about the last time the applied moisturizer, more than half (56 percent) said within the past month.
  8. Very few men have sex every day. When asked how often they had sexual intercourse, only 2 percent answered seven or more times per week and only 3 percent said four-to-six times per week. The majority (59 percent) fell in the one to five times per week range, with a fifth of men saying they don't have sex on any sort of regular basis.

You can see the whole infographic of the results here.