Why Did Kylie Jenner Get A Hip Tattoo?

There are many clever places to put a tattoo. From the side of the finger to behind the ear to on the ribcage to under the breasts, there is no shortage of cool options. So why did Kylie Jenner get a hip tattoo? What could have been her rationale for get the phonetic spelling of "Sanity" in red ink in that region? There are plenty of reasons that it's a prime location for a tattoo and only Jenner knows exactly why she "went there." Perhaps one day she will tell us via her app or in the caption of an Instagram post.

But for now, we can speculate about why the hip was the designated real estate for this particular inking.

I am going to wager that one of the main reasons she chose the hip for her red "Sanity" tattoo because its multi-faceted. This Is Tattoo noted that hip tattoos are super versatile because they can be mysterious, large, small, hidden, displayed, intimate, and they open themselves up for a lot of artistic and aesthetic possibilities, thanks to the shape and curve of a woman's body.

But IMO, the best thing about hip tattoos, and likely another reason she opted to get one, is that they can be as visible or as hidden as you want them to be, depending on how you dress and where you place it.

BTW, don't you love Jenner's cammo leggings? That brings up a critical point. Depending on what she wears, the tattoo can remain her hidden little secret or it can be something she proudly displays.

When wearing something like this slinky, body con LBD, the tattoo is totally hidden from view.

Granted, this is workout wear. But Jenner is a big fan of athleisure, often rocking crop tops and leggings. When she opts for this silhouette, her tattoo can be easily seen.

These are cuts that she loves and are her "go to," which means her tattoo will get some air and some eyes. It will play peek-a-boo.

Have you picked up on her pattern yet? Jenner's abs are certainly something she shows off since she is proud of 'em. Her love of crop tops and low waists will let us see her tattoo more often.

Then something like this — a pair of pants with a higher waist— could keep her "Sanity" concealed.

The hip is really a great spot and her clothes (and mood) can control the visibility.

Images: Kylie Jenner/Instagram (6)