Why Kylo Ren Is Technically A Disney Prince

As the son of Han Solo and Leia Organa and veritable angst baby of the entire Star Wars fandom, Kylo Ren has been the topic of much discussion since Star Wars: The Force Awakens introduced us to his very emo brand. But the one thing that we haven't widely considered is that, among many things, Kylo Ren is also a Disney Prince. Granted, he is the first Disney Prince to ever help a space Hitler decimate entire populations of planets, but a Disney Prince nonetheless.

Here's what's up: so remember when we all felt that pulse through the Force a few years back when Disney bought out the franchise? Tumblr user shallowlethargy points out that General Leia Organa was, and remains, Princess Leia. Which means that technically, any of her offspring, regardless of their Sith status, would also be royalty. Unforch for her, Prince Ben Solo was not feeling that life so hard, but the bare minimum requirement of being a "Disney Prince" has still been satisfied.

"But Disney Princes can't be emo trash babies!" you may be protesting right now. And while I am currently captaining the Let's All Make Fun Of Kylo Ren tugboat in these murky fandom waters, even I cannot help but notice all the parallels between Kylo Ren and the Disney Princes of yore. Here are all the reasons Kylo Ren is actually the Disney Prince we never asked for:

One Word: HAIR

Look at this man's head. I know the Force is capable of a lot of things, and I am willing to suspend disbelief for people speaking BEEP BOOP BOP languages to droids, for giant lasers that fry up planets, for a tiny green goblin showing up as a ghost and dispensing the wisdom of the universe — but this complete and utter defiance of gravity and the laws of helmet hair? I PUT MY FOOT DOWN. And I'm not the only one.

Hell, this man has an entire Tumblr blog devoted to his hair. This isn't just supporting the Kylo Ren is a Disney Prince theory. It's actively blowing all the other princes out of the water. (Or out of the galaxy. Watch your backs around those laser rays, y'all.)

Sorry, Beast. Your crown has been taken.

He's Tangled With The Baddies

This might not seem like a qualifying checkbox on the Disney Prince list, but in the last few decades, Disney Princes have gotten themselves into some big ole messes. We start with Aladdin, an adorable thief who is constantly on the run from the law; then we get Flynn Rider, who is a straight-up criminal and full-time rogue; and then we get Hans, the murderous psychopath who will gut your sister and freeze your heart for dinner. At this point Kylo Ren was just sort of a natural progression into the modern Disney Prince.

He Has A Thing For ... Theatrics

Disney Princes have always got your back when it comes to big crowd-pleasing shiny song-and-dance numbers, and so does Kylo! In his own ... fun, special way.

And this was basically the Star Wars version of "At Last I See The Light," right, guys?? Right??

See? There are plenty of other ways to express your, er, love. And if we're all being real with ourselves, Adam Driver is definitely in the middle of some excruciatingly thorough jazz lessons for the big musical showstopper you know they have planned for him in the next installment.

And lastly, cinching his place as a Disney Prince forever ...

One Of His Parents Is Dead

And as we all know, you're not officially a Disney character until you're either an orphan or halfway there. (Too soon?)

Images: Giphy; Disney; Tumblr