North West Re-Wore This Wild Furry Coat

She might have a little brother now, but this little lady refuses to step out of the limelight. North West wore a furry coat to the playground, proving to all other toddlers that she is the most fashionable one in the sandbox. At the ripe age of two, she's already graduating from cute tutus to edgy high fashion. Oh, who am I kidding? She's always been stylish beyond her years.

Most people spend their days off in sweatpants or their favorite pair of jeans, but North is no average person. The trendy tot rocked a furry jacket that made her look even more high fashion than normal. If made of real fur, the jacket could be worth $3,500, according to Page Six, which is just a drop in the bucket to her ultra-famous parents. The coat could very well be faux, however.

North spent the 60 degree LA day in an outfit that she's sported before, but done in a whole new way. Clearly she knows how to mix and match well, because she was able to blend the high fashion fur coat with jeans and a sweatshirt to make for one adorable ensemble. It's obvious that she takes after both her parents, as far as her fashion goes.

She was seen wearing both the over-the-top jacket and the sweatshirt during fashion week, although not at the same time, and these pieces are too cute not to keep in rotation. North finished off her play ensemble with a lollipop and an a pair of all-white Converse.

This isn't the first time that North has worn completely over-the-top outfits. It seems like she was making fashion statements ever since she was born, and each outfit is a little bit more interesting than the next. At this rate, it's impossible to predict what she'll wear next.

1. Fur Cape

She matched with her momma on Christmas in an extravagant black fur cape jacket.

2. Sheer Dress

Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

North was rocking the sheer fabric trend when she was only a year old.

3. All-Fuzz Sweater

Tell me this isn't high fashion at its finest and you'd be lying.

4. Camo Tutu

No one mixes hard and soft vibes quite like North.

5. Minnie Mouse Ensemble

A full Minnie Mouse outfit at 6 a.m.? This girl never slacks when it comes to style.

6. Balmain Blazer

Only a fashionable toddler can get their little hands on a designer blazer.

7. Fierce Fur

North took a snooze in her furry jacket, looking fierce even while she was asleep.

I can't even imagine what she'll be wearing when she's in her teens.