Moments Only Long Distance BFFs Will Understand

Being someone that lives far from home, I totally get that there are some things only long distance best friends understand. Maintaining a friendship long distance requires a lot of effort on the parts of both friends, especially when there's a time difference involved in the difference. Suddenly, your friendship is based around FaceTime, Skype, social media and texting. When you don't get to see each other regularly, you really have to start taking what you can get. Which sometimes can make you feel really sad and nostalgic, a mood captured perfectly in BuzzFeed's video by the emotive music that plays along in the background.

The video sees two besties who live long distance talking to each other over the course of a week. If you've ever had to do this with a friend you'll instantly recognize the moments and conversations they have together, via technology. There's laughter, best friend stuff, tears, and life talks. You know, just BFF things. One thing that comes across in the video is that it's not easy being away from people you love and who know you best. The silver lining, of course, is that we have things like FaceTime to close the gap a little. It could be worse. We could have to send letters. Or use dial up internet. Here are some things you'll be familiar with if you have a long distance BFF:

1. Adjusting To Your New Communication

Going from face-to-face coffee to a little face on a screen is weird at first and definitely takes some getting used to.

2. Establishing Boundaries

The time difference sometimes makes it hard to convey what you want to convey exactly when you want to convey it. For instance, my best friend is normally asleep on the other side of the world when I'm doing my morning poo, so I can't immediately let her know how dumbfounded I am that something that big could even fit inside me. It's tragic, I know.

3. The Drunk Conversations

Again, the time difference can be really conducive to conversations where one person is drunk and the other is not. Because of course, when you're drunk, the main person you want to talk to is your bestie. This leads to endless hilarity.

4. The Helpful Conversations

Despite the distance, BFFs always try to help each other out, especially when it comes to important, practical, life stuff. In the video, one friend helps the other with work, something that's harder from a distance but still important.

5. The Emotional Phone Calls

Your bestie is always the one you call when you're feeling blue, whether you're close together or far apart, that never changes. Even though you can have a cuddle over FaceTime, there's still comfort in knowing that they're there for you.

Watch the entire thing below:

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