Spend New Year's Eve Like 'RHONY's Ramona & Sonja

Even though the holidays are pretty much behind us, there is still one celebration right around the corner. That's right, everyone is currently planning and prepping for New Year's Eve. There's a lot of pressure when it comes to having the perfect NYE, but I found a foolproof solution to ensure you have the best time ever ringing in 2016. Basically, you should just spend New Year's Eve like Ramona Singer and Sonja Morgan from The Real Housewives of New York City.

If anyone knows how to have a good time and party it up, it's real-life besties Ramona and Sonja. Whether they're going to a red carpet event, hanging in the Berkshires, relaxing in Turks and Caicos, going to an actual party, or decorating jeans for a charity event, these two never fail in turning any type of situation into something that's entertaining.

Like Sonja claims, they always have a great night! So, if you, too, are looking to not only have a great night, but a memorable NYE, then let Sonja and Ramona guide you in the right direction. No more awkward midnight kisses, being in bed before the clock strikes 12, or starting off the new year in a horrible way for you. Sonja and Ramona are now your fairy NYE godmothers. You're so welcome.

1. Get A Good Buzz

This is the most important thing when it comes to NYE. Also, maintain it at all times.

2. Make Sure The Party Has Great Drinks

Hey, if the NYE party has crappy drinks, why stay?

3. DON'T Fall Asleep

You don't work for a good buzz to lose it by going to sleep.

4. Boring Isn't An Option

On NYE, Sonja and Ramona don't have time for Debbie Downers.

5. BYOB Is Not A Faux Pas

The Countess might not agree, but if Ramona says it's OK, it's OK.

6. Encourage Your Friends To Have Fun

This is pretty much a given, right?

7. Dance Like The Night Will Never End

Turtle time = a great time.

8. Remember To Eat

You don't want to get sick. Plus, food helps balance all that alcohol.

9. Stay Hydrated

It's OK to drink a glass of water every now and again.

10. If You End Up In The Pool, Embrace It

It's bound to be a crazy, fun night anyways, so go all out.

11. Have A Great Night

Does Sonja need to make it more obvious for you?

12. Leave With Your BFF

The best way to end your night is by spending it with the person you started it with: your BFF.

Now go ring in 2016 like you're Sonja and Ramona, because why wouldn't you want to?

Images: realitytvgifs (12)/Tumblr