New Birchbox Line Is Perfect If You're On-The-Go

by Augusta Statz

I think it’s safe to say that if this company, known for their incredible subscription service, launches a makeup line, it’s going to be amazing. Birchbox announced a new makeup line, Arrow, that’s made for busy women everywhere. So, they already had me at hello (so to speak) with this latest collection, but the fact that these beauty products are meant for frantic, rushed applications just makes my heart skip a beat. I mean, it’s almost like this company lives with me because, seriously, the brand knows me so well.

Arrow consists of lip balm, cheek tint, deodorant and a cute travel case, as of right now, but will continue to have new products becoming available throughout the year. The collection is made to enhance your natural beauty. The lip balm even forms to your natural lip color to create a shade that’s completely unique to you. How totally awesome is that? The cheek tint has a cooling sensation and a flawless application that will leave you feeling natural and refreshed rather than slathered in makeup. And if that doesn’t sound like the most incredible thing to happen to makeup then I don’t know what does.

These magnificent products will be available to shop in January, but you can go ahead and sign up to be put on the wait list, and you’re going to have to get in line behind me!

1. Cooling Cheek Tint

Arrow Revive Cooling Cheek Tint , $18, Birchbox

This seems like the perfect way to complete your look — cooling sensation, color and all.

2. Color Enhancing Lip Balm

Arrow Boost Color Enhancing Lip Balm , $14, Birchbox

I'm loving the idea of a lip balm that enhances my natural lip color.

3. Aluminum-Free Deodorant

Arrow Protect Aluminum-Free Deodorant , $9, Birchbox

There's no pore-clogging going on here. Just super breathable sweat protection, and that sounds good to me!

4. Makeup Bag

Arrow Makeup Bag , $12, Birchbox

A cute bag makes these products even easier to throw in your bag.

5. Limited Edition Starter Kit

Arrow Limited Edition Starter Kit , $36, Birchbox

All of this for only $36? Hurry up and get here, January!

In case you really can't contain your excitement, go ahead and prep by checking out this easy makeup tutorial to put these bad boys to use as soon as the launch date arrives.

With these products and this quick and easy makeup routine, you'll be out the door and looking marvelous in no time!

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Images: Courtesy Birchbox (5); Youtube (1)