Does 2016 Mean New Music For Harry Styles

The impending arrival of the year 2016 brings new beginnings for so many people — but for One Direction, it means an end of an era. The time has officially come to accept One Direction's hiatus as a part of life. While the boys have not shied away from the fact that they will be taking some time apart to focus on developing separate interests, rumors of their potential solo careers has been spreading like wildfire — and it seems that Harry Styles may be the first member with a solo music career on the horizon.

There has been a lot of talk about the future of the group — both together and apart. While the band has stayed firm to the fact that this is not an ending but a temporary departure, I have to be honest: it's hard to see a future where they rejoin as a band.

However, it will be interesting to see what they come up with individually, starting with Styles. According to E! Online, the singer already has four new songs registered with the American Society of Composers, and none of the other 1D boys are credited as co-writers. Sounds like a new album to me — and, if it is, I'm sure after the year he's had he will have plenty of material to fill it with.

So what will be the main focus of the songs? Well, the titles of his songs may provide some hints: "Already Home," "5378 Miles," "Coco," and "Endlessly." I'm sensing a sort of theme with his music already. All the titles, except maybe "Coco," hint at a bit of homesickness and finding himself. I'm personally hoping the songs will hone into his more soulful side and rest a little less on the pop side. Not that there is anything wrong with pop, but I feel that each of the 1D members will have a bit of an artistic departure this year.

It is great to see that Styles won't be stepping completely out of the music sphere. It seemed like all this fame and status had gotten the better of him for a bit, but it's good to see that maybe the group as a whole just truly need a chance to sow their wild oats alone for a bit. I'm looking forward to hearing more about what he and the rest of the 1D members — including former member Zayn Malik — have up their sleeve this year.