Why Did Harry Styles Get An Eagle Tattoo? Here’s What You Should Know — PHOTO

ICYMI — not that it's any big shocker — Harry Styles got yet another tattoo. It doesn't sound that exciting, because let's be real, he's got about a billion of them, but this one is actually pretty interesting. So, why exactly did Harry Styles get an eagle tattoo? Turns out, he was covering up another tattoo. Out with the old, in with the new. Guess he's into the whole "new year, new you" thing?

First off, this tattoo served a dual purpose. There's the symbolism and meaning behind it, as well as it's functional purpose of covering an old tattoo. If you're a Styles fan (guilty), then you're probably familiar with his "things I can" and "things I can't" tattoos on both of his forearms. Given that last year the One Direction star covered up his "things I can't tattoo," it was only a matter of time before "things I can" was axed, too. Enter the eagle tattoo.

There's also the whole symbolic factor to consider. While Styles hasn't publicly commented on the meaning behind it, fans' minds are running wild with it, speculating that eagles symbolize freedom, which is exactly what's happening now that he's free of his contract and able to pursue his own future and career.

Here's his new bird:

And what it covered up:

But there's always the possibility that it doesn't have any hidden meaning at all and he just likes birds. I mean, eagles are pretty rad and all...

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