What Does Harry Styles' Eagle Tattoo Mean? His New Ink Might Symbolize Big Changes — PHOTO

One Direction could very well be going in their own new, well, directions in 2016. According to E! Online, one band member has recorded new songs and even got a brand new tattoo. What does Harry Styles' eagle tattoo mean? Well, it could mean that he’s breaking free, in a sense. Because if he’s recording new songs without the rest of the 1Ders, he really is as free as a bird, at least as far as his career is concerned.

His new forearm tat appears to be covering a previous tattoo, which read “things I can” and was revealed in a picture taken while posing with a fan, according to the Daily Mail. Of course, Styles can’t get a new tattoo without the entire world knowing about it. Once the picture surfaced, the internet went crazy, naturally. But, hey, you can’t blame people for wanting to know what’s going on with the band now that things seem to be changing.

Eagles fly higher than any other bird and typically symbolize courage and the pushing of boundaries. If Styles really is branching off into a new (and solo) part of his career, it makes a lot of sense that he would choose a majestic, high-flying animal as a permanent reminder of the limits he can reach. And trust me — with that hair, that voice, and that new tat — there’s nothing he can’t do.

Go on and soar, Styles.

And here's a way to celebrate Styles' new tattoo, musically. Because, you know, that only seems appropriate.

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