'TWD's Midseason Trailer Is Action-Packed

by Kadeen Griffiths

The world at large just can't get enough of zombies and desperation, as you might be able to tell from the enduring popularity of AMC's The Walking Dead. And who could blame them? As bleak as the world of Rick Grimes might be — and getting bleaker with every episode — the characters and writing are compelling, the plot has enough twists and turns and tears to keep you invested, and, no matter how bad it gets, we can't help but believe that someday things might get better. I mean, they're not getting better in the Walking Dead midseason premiere trailer, but, hey, I didn't say right away. Fans might be slowly starting to lose hope after the shocking death of Glenn in "Thank You," but this trailer might be enough to pull them right back in — even if Glenn sadly doesn't appear in it.

The 29 second clip provides fans with a lot of action to absorb, with some scenes flashing by so quickly — and being so gory — that you might be forgiven for needing to glance away for a second to process it all. Not that TWD fans aren't used to a little (re: a lot) of gore, but those walkers just seem to get grosser and grosser with every passing season. The end of the trailer is a particular pivotal moment for fans of The Walking Dead comics, as it might be a nod toward a scene from the comics in which Rick Grimes uses a hatchet to — well, do you want me to spoil it for you? I don't think you do.

The stakes have never been higher on The Walking Dead, and I know that we have cause to say that every season, and after every hiatus, but this trailer really has a way of making your pulse pound. It might not give us any good news about the ultimate fate of Glenn — please, please, please still be alive, please — but it gives us a lot of other things to chew over until the show returns in February 2016. Check out the video below.

Image: TheWalkingNews/YouTube (2)