This Color-Changing Cake Is So Magical It Will Defy All Your Brain Logic — VIDEO

There are two skills in this life I have ever aspired to master: witchcraft and cake. That is why I was pretty sure that this magical color-changing cake was proof that time travel is real, and that my future self came back, created this cake, exploded everyone's brains with its awesome power, and rode off into the rainbow sunset. Unfortunately for my time-space dimension theory, but fortunately for the rest of us non-cake geniuses, it was actually the creation of YouTuber and baker CharlotteSometimes. Though she remains an enigma to the Internet, I think it's all too clear that she is Hogwarts grad who probably just got scooped up by Honeyduke's, and once you see what this cake can do you're going to 100 percent support me in that theory.

Since cake itself can't change colors (yet), it takes quite the level of frosting trickery to do what this artist has done. When you watch her spin the cake, the colors, originally warm yellow, orange, and red, subtly transition into a cake that is undeniably blue, purple, and green. Don't believe me? Take a look at this first image of the cake, which is already pretty darn cool-looking on its own:

Aaaaand now take a look at this cake:

PLOT TWIST, GUYS. They're the exact same cake. Here's a GIF so you can see just how insane this cake looks when you put it in motion:

People are already likening this cake to similar color controversies of 2015, like the infamous white-and-gold black-and-blue dress, or the nail polish versus shoe debacle. I am a person who worked admin in a cake decorating shop for nearly a year, even I am somewhat mystified as to how this cake came to be. Luckily, the explanation is pretty simple — the artist likely used edible spray paint (which yes, is a thing that exists, and smells terrible when it gets released from the can).

YouTube user Lexine Oliveira, a cake artist who has used the technique before, explained how it works in the comments:

Make the edging design you want, then take one side of the cake and spray from a straight angle on the cake, so that the color ends up on one side of the ridges alone. Spray the colors you want, then spin the cake around and do the same on the opposite side. You are working with the ridges so that you get one color on one side of the ridge and another color on the other side. There for giving the effect of changing colors when you change the cake around. It takes a bit of practice to get it to look good, but its really fun. I've done it at work quite a few times. :)

So there you have it! Mortal humans can create magic, with a little spray paint and a lot more patience than I've ever had in this lifetime. Watch the whole video showing the cake's 360 degree rotation here:

CharlotteSometimes on YouTube

Images: YouTube