Where Is Shawn From 'Boy Meets World' Now? Rider Strong Is Just As Dreamy As His '90s Character

One of the most important crushes of my youth (and yours too probably) was Shawn Hunter from Boy Meets World, played by the always beautiful Rider Strong. I had posters of the entire cast of Boy Meets World on my bedroom wall, and a real soft spot for Jack Hunter (I'm looking at you Matthew Lawrence!), but it's his half brother Shawn Hunter who has endured in the hearts and minds of viewers everywhere. So, like, what is Rider Strong doing right now?

Lucky for Boy Meets World fans everywhere, Girl Meets World has been reuniting vintage cast members from the Disney Channel show for our viewing pleasure. Rider Strong is a semi-regular cast member now, and Season 3 of Girl Meets World goes into production in 2016. It's great that the spin-off to such a classic show is going from strength to strength, and this has to be, in part, down to the respect the writers have shown to the original Boy Meets World, and the incorporation of everyone's favorite characters from it.

Aside from appearing on Girl Meets World and giving us all of the feels, what else has Rider Strong been up to? Here are just a few of the things he's been busy with.

1. Rider Strong Got Married

Strong married actress Alexandra Barreto in 2013 at a summer camp in Oregan, which sounds too cute.

2. His Wife Had A Baby

Alexandra Barreto gave birth to son Indy (short for Indigo) or 28 Dec. 2014.

3. Shawn & Cory Are Back Together Again

As a semi-regular on Girl Meets World, and having directed two episodes of the show, Shawn and Cory are spending plenty of time together again, and that makes me very happy.

4. He Got An Awesome Haircut (& Beard!)

This point speaks for itself, really. Rider Strong is looking every bit as hot as he did back when Boy Meets World was airing, and his current bearded look is on fleek. Rider Strong is defintely improving with age, and who even knew that was possible?

5. He's Written And Directed A TV Movie Called Micah The Asshole Ghost

Starring Kristin Chenoweth, and currently in post-production, Micah The Asshole Ghost is written and directed by Rider Strong and his brother Shiloh Strong. It's one to watch out for in 2016, hopefully.

6. He's Starred In Lots Of Movies

Due out in 2016, Too Late sounds like a must-watch for Rider Strong fans. It stars legend John Hawkes, and is all about a troubled investigator. It'll be awesome to see Strong in a serious film role.

7. He Continues To Write, Direct, Act, And Be Awesome

Rider Strong hasn't been typecast as a TV actor. Instead, he's diversified, becoming a writer and director who's worked on several of his own short films, and directed episodes of Girl Meets World. It'll be exciting to see what Strong does next.

Thank goodness that Girl Meets World brought the Boy Meets World cast back together, and reminded us of all the reasons that we need Shawn Hunter in our lives. Rider Strong forever, yo!

Images: Giphy (6); Michael Jacobs Productions