6 People You Will Kiss When The Clock Strikes Midnight

The all-important kiss at midnight can be the cause of a lot of stress. If you’re not already attached, all the pressure to start 2016 on the right foot, can make the question of who to smooch a difficult one to answer. We all want to ring in the New Year by doing something fun and spontaneous, but the last thing anyone is looking for is to feel like you may be locking lips with a person who has spent the better part of the evening in the bathroom. That’s not to say you have to have a When Harry Met Sally moment either. We can’t expect to get confessions of love or a life changing make out every year.

Many choose to remove themselves from the revelry all together and spend the evening drinking tea in bed, falling asleep early halfway through Finding Nemo. However, some superstitions hold that if you don’t kiss at midnight, you can look forward to a year of loneliness. Or, to put a more positive spin on it — "kiss someone at the stroke of midnight on New Year's Eve and you will have a year of luck in love," writes Joanne Wannan in Kisstory: A Sweet and Sexy Look at the History of Kissing . So break out that lip balm and get ready to pucker up! Here are all the people you can look forward to kissing at midnight.

The Bar Rando


The stranger at the bar option is your the secret weapon (or last resort). You can def meet someone nice and cute on New Years, and spontaneously kiss at midnight, and have an amazing time. Who knows? You could even start dating that person and have the best meet-cute story ever. On the flip-side, when the clock is inching towards that fateful hour, people start trolling. And you def don’t want to start a new year kissing some gross rando just because they were there at the right time.

Your Bae


One of the perks of being in a committed relationship (‘tis the cuffing season) is that you already have someone ready to kiss at midnight. As the clock counts down you can rest assured that you know what your lips will be doing in a few seconds.

The Wallflower


We have all been to a bacchanal New Year's party surrounded by a bunch of drunk revelers and we usually end up with a sloppy kiss at midnight. This year, try something different and pick out the most sober person in the room — chances are they will be the best kisser and not try to shove their tongue down your throat.

Your Best Friend


You and your bestie are super close, you share everything — so would kissing them make things a little weird in 2016? Maybe…? If you’ve secretly liked them for a while now could be your chance to make your feelings known! Grab their sweet, familiar face and show them what a real kiss at midnight feels like. If you wanna stay “just friends” give them a little peck and be done with it.

Your Ex


While NYE can be super fun, it can also be a time of desperation. We’ve all found ourselves meditating on the choices of the past year, and this walk down memory lane can bring up some... feelings. “One last kiss for old times sake,” your ex will say, and you will hesitantly agree. The good news is, you’ve smooched them enough in the past to know what you’re getting. The bad news — you might remember exactly why you broke up in the first place.

Your Celebrity Crush


If are spending New Year’s at home do to a pesky cold — throw on those comfy jammies, and take the train to Snoozeville. You may find yourself kissing someone super dreamy! You don’t need to go to a swanky LA party to meet your celeb crush. Ryan Gosling, Ruby Rose, or Chris Pratt could make a cameo and give you the smooch of your dreams!

Happy New Year!


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