Man Makes A Nimbus 2000 For His Girlfriend, Becomes Everyone' s New #MuggleGoals — PHOTOS

I'm pretty sure I just found myself two new BFFs, now that I know about this man who handmade a Nimbus 2000 for his girlfriend. Shelby Stein, who loves Harry Potter because she is an awesome human and that's what awesome humans do, probably was expecting the same things we all expect for Christmas. And it's not that we have a problem with the wine, the electronics, and the plethora of socks, but the trouble is that this year, they all just got topped by her boyfriend's one-of-a-kind gift. Certifiable wizard Jared Weissman handcrafted a Nimbus 2000 from scratch, y'all, and I don't think I am exaggerating in the slightest when I say it looks better than the real thing.

Stein is going to be one kickass member of the Holyhead Harpies riding this thing around, because Weissman built it to a tee. It took him three solid weeks to work his magic, handpicking out the wood for the handle, carving it, sanding it, spray painting it, and using basket reed and styrofoam to create the bristles. He even made this sweet ride its own kickstand out of plastic he melted into place and painted gold. I doubt Harry himself treated his broom with this much reverence, even after Hermione got him that Broomstick Servicing Kit.

I have at least 86 questions about how the hell Weissman managed to wrap this thing, but this is how it looked after Stein opened it on Christmas:

Can we also take a moment to appreciate just how intricate all of the colors on this are as well? LOOK AT THAT LOGO HE MADE. If I wanted to have handwriting that good at this stage of my life I'd probably have to sell off a significant portion of my soul (but hey, that's what Horcruxes are for).

So if you happen to see a very excited young witch flying over your city aboard this broom, fear not. Weissman's expert crafting has pretty much ensured that this is the sickest broom in the entire league. Maybe if we're all very nice to her she'll let us take a turn practicing our Wronski Feints on it? Let's all just make sure to watch out for any stray Whomping Willows, should our brooms meet the same fates that Harry's iconic Nimbus 2000 did.


In any case, this will make excellent practice for what I'm assuming will be Weissman's next gift to Stein: a handmade Quidditch beer pong set. Because if there's one thing I've learned about being a post-graduate, playing beer pong isn't a lame attempt to hold onto your youth as LONG AS IT'S HARRY POTTER-THEMED. Then it's ~cool~.

Merry Christmas, ya bunch of Muggles!

Images: Warner Bros