Two Words: Therapy Llamas

by Emma Cueto

It is a well established fact that hanging out with animals makes everything better. Which is why it is unspeakably awesome that a nursing home in Massachusetts brings in a llama to hang out with its residents. Who doesn't want to hang out with a llama? Especially one adorably named Travis.

Let's face it — llamas are awesome. They've got those long necks, and long legs, and those cute pointy ears. It was only a few months ago that two runaway llamas successfully brought the whole Internet together as we watched live footage of them making a break for freedom and cheered as they outran their captors. If you ever get the chance to hang out with a llama, you should definitely take it. And the residents at the Life Care Center of Nashoba Valley in Littleton, Mass. certainly aren't passing up the chance.

Care Life Center doesn't just bring Travis the llama to hang out with residents, but also animals like chickens and dogs. As the program director Lauren Gaffney tells National Geographic in this video:

A lot of facilities don’t have animals and I don’t know if there’s fear of the cleanliness or or what it is, but it is so easy to do. Not everyone can have a llama in their front yard or chickens but encouraging your workers or families that visit to bring in their animals is no cost and it’s nothing but beneficial for the residents.

I'll say — I'm kind of jealous. I want to hang out with a llama! And it's also clearly a great program. Because here's what it looks like when you bring a llama into a nursing home.

Check out all the reactions to Travis the llama in the video below:

Images: National Geographic/YouTube (5)