Why You Should Pour Cornmeal All Over Yourself

Up until recently, you could easily catch me turning my nose up at the site of polenta. I found the texture so offensive that I couldn't look beyond it to notice the versatility of cornmeal. While I haven't changed my tune on eating it, I realized cornmeal can benefit your skin in more ways than I realized. Thanks to my DIY skills, my skin is experiencing some breathtaking recipes that are as easy to make as the porridge it's known for. A natural exfoliant, cornmeal can remove dirt and dead skin cells as well as your favorite scrub.

According to sources at Livestrong, cornmeal is known for many things other than making cornbread. It contains antioxidants, zinc, iron, and folic acid which are great additions to a natural skin routine. The tiny grains are what makes cornmeal a gentle exfoliate, plus it's a great substitute for anyone who finds baking soda too drying. That's right my natural deodorant babes: If you're finding your underarms irritated from using baking soda based products, you can use cornmeal as an alternative because cornmeal can remove odor from more than just carpets.

Since you'll be using your cornmeal all over your bod, you'll want to purchase natural cornmeal without any preservatives. These DIY recipes should be a great start for using cornmeal in your beauty products.

1. Cornmeal & ACV Exfoliating Mask For Oily Skin

Part of my weekly routine is using a baking soda and apple cider vinegar paste on my face and neck. I have been lucky enough to be able to use this mask to control acne and oil multiple times a week without irritation, but many people find baking soda incredibly drying. Substitute baking soda for finely ground cornmeal and dilute it with enough ACV to make a paste. Keep your mask on until it begins to dry and gently exfoliate your face and neck with your fingertips, rinsing with warm water.

2. Cornmeal Bath Bombs

This bath bomb recipe is great for enjoying a nice hot bath after a stressful day... or to end a long day of relaxation. Mix raw sugar (finely ground), cornmeal, citric acid, and a dash of baking soda together. Next add your essential oils and spritz in purified water until your concoction is moist enough to form. Let your bath bombs sit overnight and get ready to feel spoiled AF in your new bathing experience.

3. Coconut & Cornmeal Exfoliating Mask For Dry Skin

Another way to exfoliate dead skin is to dilute your cornmeal with gently cleansing coconut milk. Make a paste and apply it on your face and neck, massaging the grains gently into your skin before rinsing off with warm water.

4. Fruity Cornmeal Body Scrub

Since body acne is definitely a thing, a cornmeal body scrub is a great way to revitalize your skin. I used cornmeal, raw honey, raw sugar, and threw in grapefruit and pomegranate for a nice scrub with lightening and astringent properties. Blend your ingredients together and add any essential oils to balance or calm your skin.

5. Dry Shampoo

If you're ever in dire need of a dry shampoo, using cornmeal and baking soda can sop up excess oil in your tresses. Just use three parts cornmeal and one part baking soda and mix well together. Apply your dry shampoo at the roots and comb downward with a wide-tooth comb. If you've dark hair, mix in cocoa powder and/or acai powder to avoid visible flakes.

Image: Kristin Collins Jackson (6)