7 Tips To Celebrate New Year's Eve Like Drake

It happened again guys, Drake ignored my fan-mail asking him to please, oh please, just this once, spend New Year's with me. I really thought NYE 2015 was my year. But alas, Drake decided to throw a New Year's Eve party in Miami this year instead. The event is going down at E11even, a hip night club, where he will be sing-rapping to a few of those songs he wrote about me with help from celebrity party favorite and Miami-raised DJ Irie. DJ Irie has also dropped the playlist he will be using at the event because, as he told PEOPLE , "one listen to the entire playlist should have you reliving the best and brightest moments of the past year while infusing great anticipation for the year ahead."

This playlist gave me an idea, though... if I can't hang out with Drake this holiday, at least I can party like him, and so can you! We may not have rented a whole dance club, but you probably have a bathroom at least! We may not have a lot of bottles in da club, but you can always bring the much-cheaper altenative of water bottles along for extra hydration (you're worth it!). With these examples, I hope to express to you how you to can party like a celebrity. Pop some champagne and snap some Hudson-filter Instagrams ladies, it's time for some heavy-duty Auld Lang Syne.

1. Use DJ Irie's playlist

DJ Irie shared the playlist he will be using for Drake's party on Tidal so it only makes sense you use it. This will definitely make you feel like one of those people who is big in the rap game.

2. Pop Some Bottles


From the time I heard T.I.'s collaboration with Drake, "Poppin Bottles," I knew it in my heart that boy must always pop some bottles to commemorate a new year. And champagne can be super cheap so you can definitely do this one. Extra points if you spill a lot of it

3. Throw Money Around

It would seem there are few things Drake likes more than throwing dollars around as shown in this photograph for Fader by Los Angeles-photographer Kendrick Brinson. But let's be real, he does it all the time. You can too, just maybe use some fresh one dollar billss instead of 100s.

4. Look Sad

Sure, most of the night should be joy and happiness, but there's always time to look back at some sad things. If we've learned anything from Drake, it's that even the most G of the G's need to be sad sometimes.

5. Dance Like Nobody's Watching


Did Drake know that people were going to actually see "Hotline Bling"? Regardless, he has the right idea. If you want to have a good time, just get down, get funky, and don't worry about what people think.

6. Reminisce About the Past

DrakeVEVO on YouTube

Take some time to think about your accomplishments in the past year! Good job! You did it! 2015 had it's tough parts, but you really made it!

7. Be True To Your Friends

The best part about New Year's Eve is having friends to enjoy it with. Tonight, run through whatever city you choose with your woes.

We can't all spend New Year's with Drake (except me, hopefully next year), but that doesn't mean we can't have a great time. Happy new year, everyone!

Images: Giphy, kendrickbrinson/tumblr, drakelookingsad/tumblr