This 'Boy Meets World' Photo Will Make Your Throwback Thursday & Possibly Your Life — PHOTO

On this throwback Thursday I would like to remind you the series finale of Boy Meets World premiered in May 2000. I'll let that 15 years sink in for a little bit. Imagine this, in 2000 the character of Topanga wouldn't haven't even known that a Pink Razr phone was something she needed, yet. How crazy is it that 15 years have gone by since we last saw teenaged Shawn, Cory, Topanga and the rest of the gang?! I mean, I know some of these actors have made reappearances in Girl Meets World, the story of Topanga and Cory's daughter, which is nice, of course. But there's something that is simply glorious about actually getting to spend some time with our good buddies at the ages we knew them best. After all, there is nothing that reminds viewers as much of their own mortalities as seeing characters age right in front of our eyes. Thank the Goddess for DVD box sets.

And thank you to Will Friedle, who is also known as the actor who plays Cory's lazy brother Eric (liscensed owner to the lights of "The Feeny Call"). For #TBT, Will posted a behind-the-scenes image of a a young Ben Savage getting curlers put in his hair (I knew those lovely locks were too perfect to be real!).

But Ben Savage wasn't the only adorable character from Boy Meets World. The following images show that the entire cast of Boys Meets World was incredibly young once. As were we. Once.

But now we continue on, aging,but still watching reruns of Boy Meets World. Anyway, these #TBTs from various cast members will make your throwback Thursday!

1. The Boys Chilling On Motorcyles

I don't know why this image happened but I am most certainly not complaining about it.

2. Rider Strong Doing... Um... Something

In a photo retribution battle on Twitter, Rider Strong and Rowan Blanchard of Girl Meet Words posted some embarassing images of each other.

3. A Spooky Halloween Throwback

That episode had me hiding under the covers that night.

4. Lobster Man

Clearly, Friedle is really killing the #TBT game.Everyone should take note of his on-point technique!

Here's to Friedle, his throwbacks, for many more to come! And here's to the New Year... it's not 2000 anymore, but at least we have iPhones. And the biggest cheers of all goes to Deason 2 of Girl Meets World coming to your screens January 6th!

Image: Disney–ABC Domestic Television