Where Can You Listen To "Facts" By Kanye West? The Track Is Available Now

Thursday afternoon, just two minutes before 7:00 p.m. ET, Kim Kardashian tweeted a Very Important Tweet. The Selfish author wrote, “YEEZY YEEZY YEEZY NEW SONG ABOUT TO DROP #FACTS.” Translation: Husband Kanye West would be releasing a new song unto the world very soon. When exactly would it drop? She didn’t say. Where exactly could we find it? She didn’t say. We would just have to sit tight until more information surfaced, and sit tight is what we did. Well, we didn't have to sit tight for too long: "Facts" dropped on Thursday night. So where can Yeezy fans listen to "Facts"? The track is available on Soundcloud.

This song will presumably appear on SWISH, Kanye’s highly anticipated to-be-released eighth studio album. "Facts" is the followup to “All Day,” which dropped back in March of 2015. Whoa. Not to sound ungrateful for all he's given us, but it's been a minute since Yeezus blessed us with new music.

I swear, if we have to wait another 10+ months for the next Yeezy song... *takes deep breath.* Sorry. I've calmed down. Let me try again: If we have to wait another 10+ months for the next Yeezy song, I will be as grateful as I would be if the Yeezy dropped an album tomorrow. Because Kanye West is always and forever the best.

Any New Year that begins with a fresh Kanye West jam is good New Year in my book.