Kanye West Drops New Song "Facts" On New Year's Eve And Effectively Steals Everyone's Thunder

If there's anything that Kanye West is absolutely the best at, it's getting the entire world to pay attention to him, even on a night when we're all busy pouring champagne, wearing sparkling dresses, and swearing to be better in the New Year (once our hangovers wear off), Kanye West dropped a brand new song, "Facts" and changed our focuses almost immediately. What is this guy, a wizard?

Well, it certainly seems that way, because not only has Kanye stolen the focus on New Year's Eve — he did it with a song that I can't even embed here for you to listen to. He's just that magical. The song, which was announced via Kim Kardashian West's Twitter, was rumored to hit right at midnight ET — just as the entire East Coast would be ringing in the new year. Thankfully, Kardashian West dropped the link a wee bit early and saved many a Kanye fanatic the impossible choice: midnight kiss with their sweethearts or gluing themselves to a computer/phone/miscellaneous internet device in order to hear Yeezy's latest.

Upon the initial listen, the lyrics appear to be rather recent — West makes mention of the recent Steve Harvey and Miss Universe controversy, Bill Cosby's recent charges, and even Kimoji.

Plus Kimoji just shut down the app storeAnd we made a million a minuteDo anybody feel bad for Bill Cosby?Did he forget the names just like Steve Harvey? (Yo!)

Was this track just something he had pent up inside and had to get out? Is it part of his next album? So many questions, and so little time to re-listen to the new track over and over before the ball drops at midnight.