What Does Kim Kardashian's FACTS Taylor Swift Tweet Mean? She Just Threw Everyone For A Loop

Will the madness ever end? Apparently, Kanye West and Kim Kardashian don't feel like they consumed enough of our time in 2015, because in the final hours of the year, the couple has arrested everyone's attention with Kanye's new song "Facts" and a hyper cryptic series of tweets with the song title. The couple teamed up to steal every ounce of 2016's attention, with Kim tweeting hints of Yeezy's new song, then the link to the live song, then a few images to send a message. Of course, when Kim tweeted an image of Taylor Swift alongside "FACTS" people started freaking out. Did Kardashian confirm the release of the Taylor Swift & Kanye West collab?

Well, calm down. That's probably not what the images are about. Kardashian first tweeted an image of Swift, but fans were quick to notice her footwear: grey Yeezy Boosts. Minutes later, Kardashian served up another: This time, it was Kanye giving a pair of the same shoes in black to President Barack Obama. And suddenly it all became so clear: These tweets are about shoes. Stand down, folks.

It might also explain why the references in the track are so new — chief among them are Kimojis, Steve Harvey's mixup at the Miss Universe pageant, and Bill Cosby's recent legal developments.

And all this, in the final moments of 2015. Classic Kanye.

Listen to the song for yourself over on Spotify.