Suggestions For Taylor Swift & Kanye's New Song

Stock up on canned veggies, bottled water, and double A batteries, because the world is finally ending: Taylor Swift and Kayne West are hitting the studio to record a song together. No, like, this isn't a joke. This is a real thing that is happening in the world and it's exactly why I'm in love with 2015 so far. I thought it couldn't get better than Swift and West hugging and making up at the Grammy's last weekend, but I was wrong.

Even better, we have confirmation of this actually happening: In an interview with Ryan Seacrest this morning, West revealed that he and Swift have plans to collaborate on music in the near future — and now my head is spinning. What does it all mean? And although there are plenty of questions that could be asked at this point in time, my main concern is this: What could a song created by Swift and West be titled?

Thanks to their history together, there are a variety of options, and all of them are wonderful. My fingers are crossed for a song about forgiveness and redemption and the past being the past, with some seriously solid, life-affirming rap verses from West and maybe even a sampling of Swift's song, "Innocent" that was written about their infamous 2009 run in at the VMAs. While you're busy picking your jaw up off the floor — trust me, I've been there about 10 minutes ago — I've got a few potential titles they should consider.

"I'mma Let You Finish"

West spoke these four words in 2009, and his life has never been the same again. Probably for at least the next 10 years, people will be making jokes that begin with "I'mma let you finish," so it's only right that it be the title for their song. Swift's even used the joke herself (as seen in the above Instagram photo) so obviously, it's acceptable by both parties.

"Becoming a Dad Makes You a Better Person, So You Should Try It, John Mayer"

West isn't the only music icon guilty of being reckless with Swift's feelings. John Mayer is very West-like in that he not only broke Swift's heart by handling their relationship and her feelings so irresponsibly that his actions inspired one of Swift's saddest songs, but Mayer also tends to drop a few douchebag one-liners here and there. Maybe having a North West of his own would change his life the way it's obviously changed West's?

"Kim Made Me Do It"

Just as North West has been an excellent influence on Kanye, being married to Kim Kardashian has done the same. It's totally possible that Kardashian pushed him to apologize to Swift and make nice at the Grammy's, and she was right. So many people's opinions of him — mine included — have gotten just a little bit less negative since we saw he was capable of making that kind of effort.

"Taylor Swift Deserved That Award and I Was Wrong"

Obviously calling back to the VMA debacle, West should admit that Swift deserved that VMA. It would be a nice gesture.

"Kanye Should've Been Getting Down to This Sick Beat"

Because, you know, while West was getting down with the liars and the dirty, dirty cheats of the world, like other people who thought they didn't like Taylor Swift, he could've been getting down to this sick beat.

"Life is Full of Little Interruptions"

I love Taylor Swift for all kinds of reasons, and this is one of them: In her Nashville apartment, she has a photo of her and West at the VMAs, captioned "life is full of little interruptions." And now that things have come full circle, it would make a really good song title.

Images: Giphy (4), ohsoswiftly/Tumblr