Where Will Margaery Tyrell Be In 'Game Of Thrones' Season 6? She's Got A Few Tricks Up Her Sleeve

A new season is approaching, but not soon enough, and fans might be missing one of the show's most badass female characters, wondering where Margaery Tyrell will be on Season 6 of Game of Thrones. The character, introduced in the HBO fantasy show's second season, has quickly become a fan favorite because of her quippy lines, feisty grandmother, and daring fashion sense. She's a good alternative heroine for those who might find Daenerys a little too precious or self righteous.

It's sometimes hard to remember what happened to every character on an intricate show like Game of Thrones. Season 5 aired all the way back in 2015, after all. Luckily for her and her fans, Margaery Tyrell is one of the few characters on Game of Thrones who is still alive. However, she was not doing super well when we last saw her: The twice-widowed lady began the show's fifth season happily engaged, and soon married, to Tommen, her dead husband Joffrey's much nicer younger brother. She engaged in a power struggle with her mother-in-law Cersei, which resulted in the arrest of Margaery's brother Loras. Margeary herself was shortly thereafter arrested. At the end of the episode, she and her brother were still imprisoned and scheduled to stand trial.

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Since the show has now caught up with the books, the A Song of Ice and Fire novels don't really offer any answers about Margaery's fate in the sixth season. The only thing that happens to her in the fifth and most recently released A Dance With Dragons is that she's released to house arrest while awaiting her trial — so that could give us a hint about where she might be during Season 6.

Luckily, Natalie Dormer, who portrays Margaery on the show, offered a few more hints than the book. While she was mostly tight-lipped at New York Comic Con, the way she answered a question about having to participate in the same Walk of Shame that humiliated Cersei suggested that that fate might be in her future. Some have speculated that this punishment will be the deal that releases her from prison.


There is hope. Fans have spotted Dormer on set, and seemingly not in jail. Additionally, spoilers from the set have suggested that Jamie Lannister will confront the Lannisters' Sparrows, demanding Margaery's release. Dormer also informed Women's Health that her character might find a way to escape, or at least plan an escape:

Margaery is a savvy chick and she’s trying to find an angle — she’s trying to find a way to get out of that cell, so it’s pretty amusing and ingenious, the route she decides to take.

Definitely good news. After all, an imprisoned Margaery can't do that much scheming, though I'm sure we'd be surprised. I hope that we'll see a lot of her in the upcoming season. Now all we have to do is wait to find out how she gets out.

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