Proof Celine Dion Covering Adele Is Just Like All Of Us Covering Adele — VIDEO

To end the year 2015 on a high note (literally — see what I did there?), Céline Dion performed Adele's mega-hit "Hello" — and, of course, since she is Céline Dion, she totally crushed it. From her sparkly dress to her dramatic hand motions, her performance was 100 percent grade-A material. And while I thought she did a pretty good job, I couldn't help but feel like this performance outed Dion as an Adele fangirl just like the rest of us — and compare Dion's singing to my own. Sure, I may not be a classically trained vocalist but when it comes to preforming Adele songs, I've got it on lock.

Yes, Céline Dion, the world's most angelic French-Canadian songbird, has accomplished many things in her 40-year career. She performed the most romantic song about a sinking boat with "My Heart Will Go On," she has taken Las Vegas by storm, and most importantly, she had one of the most over-the-top weddings in all of celebrity history. But, when she performed Adele, she may have met her match with me and every other broken-hearted girl singing in their cars right now.

Dion does have the proper pitch and adequate vocal training to sing Adele's music — but performing an Adele track is all about the emotional commitment and properly emoting feelings of devastation. And that is where I feel I excel when singing Adele's "Hello." When I sing, you can tell I am feeling all of the feels that can be felt, and that's the makings of a true superstar.

Here, I'll break it down for you. These are the necessary parts needed to make a great performance of Adele's "Hello," whether you are Dion, or you prancing around your bedroom in your pajama bottoms:

The Preparation


In order to properly sing Adele, one must put themselves in the correct headspace. Whether it's thinking of an ex-boyfriend or the SPCA commercial with Sarah McLachlan, it's important to feel the Adele and be the Adele.

Don't Be Nervous


When "Hello" begins and the sweet, sweet sounds of the piano fills your soul, don't panic. You've got this. Your inner diva will protect you from embarrassment. Just go where the music takes you.

High Notes


There are no notes too high if you believe in yourself and you sing like no one can hear you. And also if no one can actually hear you.

Dramatic Head Turns Are A Must


Make Adele proud, and turn your head like a true woman scorned.

Make Sure There's Wind


Performances by all the greats — Beyoncé, Whitney, Mariah, and Adele — all include wind in someway. Channel the greats and do whatever you need to do to bring your own wind to the performance. If that involves bribing small neighborhood children to fan you with their tiny hands, so be it.

Hand Gestures


Adele is all about the hands. DO NOT, under any circumstances, forget about the hand movements.



When the moment is right, let the waterworks flow. And you should embrace the ugly-crying, it will only enhance your performance.

Nailed It


When you finish the singing "Hello" and you've totally crushed it (which you will, obvi), it is important to properly rejoice in your greatness. You are a superstar, act like it.

See for yourself how you compare to Céline Dion's Adele cover. The video is below:

hesan2000 on YouTube

I will only admit that Céline Dion was slightly better than me at singing Adele. Only slightly!

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