Brooke & Paige Hyland Haven't Left The Dance World

I'm beginning to think that Dance Moms' new tagline should be "people come and go so quickly here," because it's become a little difficult to keep up with all the cast turnover. Don't get me wrong, Abby Lee Miller has recruited some incredibly talented new dancers who are a joy to watch — but I still feel nostalgic every time I think about the original cast members. The Hyland family left the show in the middle of Season 4 and, as much as I miss watching them on TV, it seems like it was the healthiest decision for the girls and their mom, Kelly. But, do Brooke and Paige from Dance Moms still dance? After all, they are incredibly talented and there are plenty of other instructors in the world who are perhaps kinder and maybe more effective than Miller.

Leaving the show freed up some of their time, so Brooke and Paige are taking advantage of the opportunity to try out new activities — but dance is still part of their lives. In a November 2015 interview with OK!, Paige confirmed that both girls are still dancing, but they haven't "committed" to one specific studio. This basically just means that they're no longer competing on behalf of a studio, but plenty of great dance schools offer strong training opportunities and simply choose to not focus on the competition aspect of the dance world. (Contrary to what Dance Moms may imply, many top dance schools don't even attend competitions.)

Overall, the Hylands didn't have the greatest experience at the ALDC. According to lawsuits filed in 2014, Paige claimed to have suffered from panic attacks due to Miller's teaching techniques. Reps for Lifetime and Abby Lee Miller declined to comment on the suit when asked by People.

Still it's not surprising to hear Paige didn't have the best time filming the show. She was frequently the target of what many viewers perceived as non-constructive criticism and Miller once threw a chair across the room during a solo rehearsal because Kelly hadn't put stoppers on it yet. But, the Hylands didn't let Miller take away their passion for dance. In a March 2015 interview with the International Business Times, Brooke and Paige said they'd like to run a dance studio together someday. “I love to dance and I love kids, so I am hoping to continue studying dance with great instructors and start teaching the younger students,” Paige said, adding that the goal would be to provide "a dance environment that is not only elite training but is a very positive, nurturing environment."

The sisters are also enjoying the newfound normalcy in their lives since exiting Dance Moms. Kelly explained to OK! that she's happy her daughters now have the flexibility to participate in typical teenage activities: "They wanted to go to school dances and do that kind of stuff and they were never allowed.”

They also prioritize academics and, in a struggle many of us can relate to, Brooke is trying to decide where to attend college.

It's great to see Brooke and Paige happy and enjoying life — they seem to have found a healthy balance between dance, school, and other activities. Their time on Dance Moms may be over, but both girls have a bright future in the dance world.

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