Selena Gomez Was Drawn To Sundance Film Festival Role Because it Was Dark and Painful

This songstress may need a stress ball or a lot more black liquid eyeliner, since it sounds like she's totally comfortable in a dark place. Which kinda makes sense? After all, Selena Gomez is a former Disney star who can now legally drink and wear sexy jumpsuits without judgment. Even though Gomez has never blatantly acted out like many of her Disney peers, her role in the indie film Rudderless , premiering at the Sundance Film Festival, may be her way of saying, "I am woman, hear me roar."

Gomez plays Kate, the girlfriend of a boy who passed away, and must cope with his grieving father, played by Billy Crudup. She was on set for only eight days, but made her time count.

What it says about Selena is that she's a young woman living out her twenties with an awesome balance of fun and seductive pop music and cool, poignant roles in films. Spring Breakers , anyone? Oh, and it also says that she used to date Justin Bieber and that may have also made her a teeeeeny bit frustrated. It's ok, she's hanging out with William H. Macy at Sundance... and the Biebs apparently has a carton of eggs.

Let it out, Sel-Go. Let it out.