15 Moving #DearStuartScott Tweets That Reveal How The Sports Announcer Inspired A Nation

Monday marked the one-year anniversary of legendary sports announcer Stuart Scott's death, and his two daughters are ensuring that the world remains inspired by his life with the tribute hashtag #DearStuartScott on Twitter. Scott's daughters, Taelor and Sydni, teamed up with Dear World to write a letter and create a video in memory of their father and the lasting influence he has had on them. By starting #DearStuartScott on Twitter, they are encouraging everyone else to do the same and write their own letter. As a result of the hashtag, we are learning just how many people Scott impacted — not just in the sports broadcast world.

Stuart Scott was renowned as both an ESPN announcer and SportsCenter host. Just short of turning 50, he died of cancer, but in their video, his daughters insist he never lost the battle. Their tribute letter to him proves that he did, indeed, come out victorious.

You lived your life with a fierce sense of authenticity, passion and competitiveness, giving it your all and reaching for the best in everything you did. When you were diagnosed with cancer, you showed the world how to fight with that same fierce passion, instilling a sense of hope and inspiration to so many. And in the end you taught us all how to win — live or die — by how you live, why you live and the manner in which you live.

The letter was paired with a video that brought their bond with their father to life. Though his passing certainly evokes a sense of sadness, Taelor and Sydni choose to focus on celebrating his life and their time with him instead. The video, which helped spread the hashtag, has touched Scott's fellow journalists as well as fans and cancer survivors alike.

Before he died, Scott, like his daughters now, also worked with Dear World. He posed for a photo that sent a powerful message, written across his arms in black marker. It said, "Making a difference ... kicking cancer's ass." Here are some of the best messages tweeted in response to #DearStuartScott that show what kind of a difference he has made.