How To Save Money At Department Stores

A New Year's resolution to save more money is a great one, but let's be real — giving up shopping sounds pretty darn dull. But hear me out — you don't necessarily have to. There are plenty of hacks to help you save money at department stores and you probably don't even know about them. There's a whole world of shopping secrets out there, y'all.

Department stores, of course, want you to spend as much money as possible, so they're going to do what they can to make sure that happens, like putting more expensive/appealing merchandise at the front of the store. Given how busy and chaotic our lives are, it's just easier to go with convenience and buy the first thing we see that works to save time, rather than seeking out potential other options that might cost less. The struggle is real.

But not everything is black and white, and there are definite ways to save that aren't advertised as formal sales. If you want to get the most bang for your buck, then you should definitely check out these seven hacks to help you save money at department stores, besides the obvious shopping during a sale, of course.

1. Shop At The Back

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Discounted and clearance items are generally placed at the back of the store, while new merchandise is up front. Makes sense, so just head to the back first to see if you can find what you're looking for there.

2. Befriend A Salesperson

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Instead of getting irritated when a salesperson swoops down on you, befriend them. They are the first to know about sales, and you can ask them to email you when a sale is coming, or when an item you're lusting over gets marked down. In addition, many will often let you "pre-sell" an item, where they save your info and hold the merchandise for you ahead of a sale so the item doesn't get picked up by someone else when the sale actually starts.

3. Don't Buy In Bulk

You know those buy one, get one deals? Totally bogus. If you're spending more than you intended to (for example, you only needed one shirt, but the second one is half off!), you're still spending more.

4. Request A Price Adjustment

Don't toss your receipts. If you buy an item that ends up going on sale within seven days, most department stores will honor a price adjustment to reflect the sale price.

5. Join A Rewards Program

The last thing you want is another credit card, but if you're loyal to a certain department store, it might be worth signing up for theirs. When you shop, you accumulate points, which can reward you in the form of gift cards or markdowns. In addition, many stores offer insider, members-only sales.

6. Shop On Thursday

Some department stores markdown on Thursdays in anticipation of the weekend, so try shopping after work on Thursdays instead.

7. Sign Up For Email Updates

If you prefer to shop online, it's worth it to sign up for emails. Not only will you be notified of sales and special offers, but most websites give you 10 percent off just for signing up!

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