What's An Esthetician? Amanda On 'The Bachelor' Puts The Science In Beauty

A new season of The Bachelor means a new group of girls to get familiar with and, for weirdos like me, new trends to pick out in terms of what makes a contestant — remember when everyone was either a personal trainer or a stylist? Ben's suitors don't include too many duplicate professions, but there are some interesting picks. For example, what is an esthetician, like The Bachelor 's Amanda? The contestant and Orange County mom of two's job is pretty cucumber cool, if you ask me! (I'm hilarious.)

According to Cosmetology Guide, the word esthetician means "a person who is knowledgeable about the nature and appreciation of beauty, especially in art," which is an absolutely lovely phrase and something I wish I could be paid to do, but the actual job is a bit more complicated than that. Basically, Amanda is an expert in all things skin care. Estheticians administer beauty treatments and can also refer you to a dermatologist if your skin situation is more serious — they're trained to recognize several conditions. So, you go to an esthetician if you want microdermabrasion, a facial, exfoliating treatments, wraps, and basically just helping to analyze and beautify your skin — even if it's just figuring out how to make smart makeup choices! They'll help you figure out what you need to keep your skin in its best condition. You can find them at the salon or spa, but also at Sephora! It's not exactly a science or a medical field, but there are some scientific and health elements. I wonder what Amanda thinks about the plastic microbead ban? They are licensed professionals, as well they should be.

The average annual salary is just under $23,000, also according to Cosmetology Guide, — which is not terrible and does not include tipping. Sometimes, hospitals and physician's offices will hire estheticians, and those individuals could make closer to twice the average annual salary. That said, according to Facebook, she's a manager at an Arbonne, so she's likely an independent consultant.

Since we don't know too much about Amanda just yet, this doesn't say much about her chances or likelihood of connecting with Ben Higgins, though knowing a skin care professional could come in handy for a reality star. Looking cute in the moment is one thing, being able to outlast the competition is another, and that's something that Amanda was trained to do far before she joined The Bachelor.

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Image: Rick Rowell/ABC