Radcliffe Tries To Break From Potter, Again

For some completely inexplicable reason, Daniel Radcliffe keeps insisting on having a post-Potter career. How are we supposed to pretend the series never ended if its star keeps taking all these other stage and film roles? Radcliffe's latest muggle movie is Brooklyn Bridge, which tells the story of the New York landmark's construction. Radcliffe has just signed on to play Washington Roebling, the son of the bridge's original engineer who must takeover when his father dies.

Though Radcliffe is the first person cast, another main character will be his wife, Emily. So what are the chances that Roebling will use wingardium leviosa or elf labor to build the Brooklyn Bridge? Pretty slim since it's based on a true story and as far as we know, Roebling was a muggle. Call me crazy, but pretty sure that's 99.9 percent the case, here.

But there could be an opportunity here to add the film to the Harry Potter universe, even if only subtly. The Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them spin-off, centered on Newt Scamander, will be set in 1920s New York; Brooklyn Bridge takes place in the 1870s -1880s. What if really casually, Roebling mentioned that one of his workers is a very strange guy, and his last name is Scamander? It could be Newt's father, just trying to make a magic-free living to appease his muggle wife.

Maybe it's a bit of a reach, but Harry Potter fans everywhere would see Brooklyn Bridge on opening day if they heard there was even the smallest reference to the series, and that alone would bring in some impressive box office numbers.

Come on Radcliffe, we made you a star, you could mention one last name on camera in return.