Where's Scott Tadych Now? 'Making A Murderer' Introduced Us To The Key Witness

Even though it seems to be all anyone is talking about right now, many of the events in Making A Murderer happened a decade ago. Teresa Halbach was murdered in 2005 and Steven Avery and Brendan Dassey were convicted of her murder in 2007. Those involved in the murder trials had moved on with their lives for many years prior to the Netflix series' release. But, now that there's a renewed public interest, viewers want to know where the trial's investigators, judges, and witness are today. As viewers see in the series, Scott Tadych, Avery's brother-in-law, took the stand during Avery's trial to testify to the timeline of events on the day Halbach went missing. Now, fans of the series are curious about where Scott Tadych is now.

According to what appears to be his Facebook page (which appears real based off the fact that he's friends with several Averys and Dasseys and his pictures posted from before the series was released feature his likeness, but Bustle has reached out for comment), Tadych is hunter who supports his step-son Dassey's claims of innocence despite Dassey's conviction. Tadych's Facebook profile picture features him dressed entirely in camouflage gear, posing over a recently killed buck. Many of his posts and pictures seem to revolve around animals in one way or another, be it hunting, fishing, or breeding. His Facebook cover photo features him and someone who appears to be his still-current wife (and Dassey's mother), Barbara Tadych, posing with two fish they've caught.

And, in possibly the polar opposite on the animal-hobby spectrum from hunting deer, Tadych made a post in 2015 looking for anyone who happened to have a "male long haired chihuahua" for breeding purposes.

The only post that Tadych has made publicly regarding Making A Murderer is related to his step-son Dassey's case. Tadych shared a post on Facebook encouraging people to sign a petition for Dassey's release.

Despite his family being in the national spotlight again, it seems that Tadych is just an extremely average Wisconsin man who likes hunting deer, going fishing, and breeding long-hair chihuahuas.

Editor's Note: This post has been updated from its original version to include a more accurate headline.

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