Stop Your Life & Watch This Baby Polar Bear Dream

As the holidays officially slip into the distance, one cannot help but crave a heart warming, awe-inducing video to get your through the post holiday depression. Well folks, you're in luck — because this video of a baby polar bear dreaming is just the right kind of medicine to chase your blues away. The noises are enough for your heart to start skipping a beat.

The adorableness of this little fella is brought to you by the Columbus Zoo is Powell, Ohio. According to the little blurb under the video, the female polar bear cub is doing well! She is five weeks old now and weighs over four pounds. Her caretakers also mentioned that her eyes are beginning to open and that her motor skills are improving. Personally, my eyes barely focused on the text because I was too busy watching this tiny animal sleep. I wonder how on earth zookeepers and veterinarians are able to do their jobs so well!? I would just spend the entire time petting and showering the animals with tiny kisses. Let's not even get into what I would be like around a baby polar bear. As a Russian, my relationship with bears of all types is written in to my DNA. So you can't fault me too harshly.

In recent years, polar bears have been in the news a lot. Sadly, the news headlines have to do with their struggle over habitat destruction due to global warming. Luckily, some stories are like the video of the polar bear sleeping, and can actually cheer you up. Last month, the San Diego Zoo provided their polar bears with actual snow for the day. That video went viral and it deserved to. Those bears looks like they were having the greatest time of their lives. As a child, whenever I went to the zoo, the polar bears were never my favorite part. That was due to the fact that I felt terrible that they had to sit in the heat all day. I always wanted them to have snow. Maybe in the future, someone can figure out a way to create a natural habitat for the polar bears with snow and everything. Until that day, I will keep watching this video below.

1. The Question The Plagues Western Society On A Daily Basis

I feel like the answer to this is fish. Why? Because a lot of things in life don't have fish as an answer, and if any question did, it would be this one. I could be wrong, and I am fully abel to admit this to you all. But I really do hope the answer is fish. For science reasons.

2. My Friend For Life

I get that this was a video made for everyone on the Internet but I cannot help but think she is reaching out to me. Just me.

3. Mondays. Am I Right?

Your new favorite Monday GIF is here and it's thanks to this fury little creature. All thank yous can be sent directly to the Columbus Zoo.

Watch the full video of the polar bear cub below. The noises alone will have you feeling all the feels.

Images: YouTube