This Is How Much The Latest ABH Tool costs

Common New Year resolutions: snag a gym membership, travel to new cities, and of course, perfect your brows. Look out beauty fanatics, because a new product has hit the shelves, and it will revolutionize your makeup routine. The Brow Definer from Anastasia Beverly Hills is now available exclusively online — and it's worth every penny from your piggy bank.

2015 has been the year of eyebrow everything, from Kylie Jenner's bleached brows to steps on mastering Cara Delevingne's bold arches. And evidently, 2016 seems to be following suit — but with a twist. The new Brow Definer features a triangular tip that can be utilized in three different ways. It's all about variety this time around.

The retractable pencil can be equipped in three modes: thin, for fine, hair-like strokes; medium, for thick, hair-like strokes, and wide for broad strokes. So, feel free to experiment when it comes to outlining and filling your beloved arches. The brow buffs at Anastasia Beverly Hills have been formulating the Brow Definer for two years to create the most effective tool —after all, easy and steady wins the (eyebrow) game.

For $23 a pop, you too can score a Brow Definer for your beauty cabinet. The pencil comes in ten shades and is currently on sale early over at the Anastasia Beverly Hills site — a good three days before the product's official launch on Jan. 7.

What are you waiting for? Go click the "add to cart" button and be prepared to welcome the new year with the best brows in town.

Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Definer, $23,

Images: Courtesy Anastasia Beverly Hills