Ashley Benson's 'Ratter' Villain Puts 'PLL's A To Shame In This Exclusive First Trailer— VIDEO

It seems like every piece of portable technology is now equipped with a camera. That certainly makes FaceTiming your far away BFF a breeze, but while you may think that you have plenty of control over what the camera sees, some hackers have the ability to hijack that control — and therefore infiltrate your life from the comfort of their own home. That's pretty scary stuff, which is why it's the perfect concept for the new thriller Ratter , starring Pretty Little Liars' very own Ashley Benson. Ratter has just released a new trailer exclusively on Bustle, and it features a stalker that makes PLL's A look tame.

As defined by the trailer, a ratter is "a hacker who hijacks a computer or device to watch unsuspecting victims." It's this kind of stalker who decides to prey on Benson's character Emma, and the film is shot entirely through the lens of her hacked devices. The ratter becomes privy to Emma's private world, all without her knowledge, and soon, the stalker is using the information he acquires to track down Emma outside of the digital sphere and into her very real apartment.

Perhaps the scariest thing about the Ratter trailer is that it depicts the hacker villain as having the ability to be just about anyone. Is it Matt McGorry's character, who hits on Emma in the library? The ex-boyfriend whom Emma left behind to move to New York? The suspects are endless, and also everywhere: the ratter acts like a ghost, able to see everything while still remaining unseen.

Ratter is the first film of its kind to shoot entirely from this kind of hacker's vantage point, but the concept of an omnipotent stalker is hardly a new one for fans of Benson's TV series. If you took relief in believing that A's ability to be "everywhere and nowhere" was the work of fiction, Ratter tells us that it's closer to our reality than we might feel comfortable with. This is definitely a flick you'll want to watch with the lights on — and preferably not on your computer.

Check out the exclusive trailer below:

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