21 Early '00s Pop Songs That Will Make Your Commute Go By Faster

It's a Monday morning. You're sitting at your work desk. All is quiet. Suddenly, you hear the front door to the office fly open. Your cubemate tears down the hallway. He slams his messenger bag down on the desk next to yours. He lets out a loud, pained sigh. You ask if everything is OK. Your cubemate shakes his head no. You ask if it was a rough morning. Your cubemate nods. You ask if traffic was bad. Your cubemate shakes his head no. You ask if he slept in. Your cubemate shakes his head no. You ask if he's stressed about a deadline or something at home. Your cubemate shakes his head no.

"Well, what is it then?" you ask.

"The music. The music I listened to on the way here was TOO GOOD."

Your cubemate is lying to you. Call me presumptuous, but I can't imagine "too good music" ruining a person's morning. If anything, listening to "too good music" improves a person's morning. You give your cubemate the side-eye, fire up some "too good music" on your iPod, and carry about your day.

Whether you commute by foot, by car, by bus, by train, by bicycle, by moped, by skateboard, by Razor scooter, by hoverboard, or by Floo powder, a good playlist can enhance your daily journey. And one genre of music that always lifts my mood during a commute, no matter how tired or chill-deprived or in-need-of-coffee or angry-at-the-driver-who-just-cut-me-off I might be? Pop music, duh. Specifically, music by the ladies who ruled the pop charts throughout the early ’00s.

I’ve put together a list of tracks from the first five years of the New Millennium that share the three following traits: 1) the songs were recorded by women, 2) the songs are all things catchy and fun, and 3) the songs will brighten your journey to and from your place of employment/school/literally anywhere.

Fair warning: The songs on this list may cause you to break out choreography in public, sing with both of your hands in the air, and feel really great about life. Listener discretion is advised.

“Stronger” By Britney Spears

BritneySpearsVEVO on YouTube

Legend has it that this song is about being stronger than the long workday that looms ahead.

“Play” By Jennifer Lopez

JenniferLopezVEVO on YouTube

*Twirls all the way to the parking lot.*

“Perfect Day” By Hoku

May no detours stand in your way on this perfect day.

“Everybody Got Their Something” By Nikka Costa

Desidarkness on YouTube

If you want to stomp it out to this track, I totally get it. Let the crowded city sidewalk be your runway.

“All For You” By Janet Jackson

nicky6453 on YouTube

If you find yourself stuck in an especially bad, no-one-has-moved-in-10-minutes traffic jam, listen to this song on repeat. Let the sweet sound of Janet’s voice whittle your frustration away.

“Come Into My World” By Kylie Minogue

Kylie Minogue on YouTube

This Kylie classic is as energizing and as it is soothing. In other words, it's perfect for an especially trying journey to the office.

“Fighter” By Christina Aguilera

CAguileraVEVO on YouTube

You got this, commute warrior.

“Case Of The Ex (Whatcha Gonna Do)” By Mýa

MyaVEVO on YouTube

If you want to do the music video choreo with your umbrella, I’m not going to try to stop you.

“Intuition” By Jewel

Jewel Kilcher on YouTube

Whether she’s doing the folk thing or the pop thing, a Jewel song is never not a jewel.

“Turn Off The Light” By Nelly Furtado

NellyFurtadoVEVO on YouTube

I’d like to dedicate this one to every jerkoff who feels it necessary to turn on their brights and ride the bumper of the car in front of them.

“Miss Independent” By Kelly Clarkson

kellyclarksonVEVO on YouTube

Great places to scream-sing along with the “Miss Independent” chorus: in the privacy of your own home, in the privacy of your own car, in the privacy of your own mind.

Not-so-great place to scream-sing along with the “Miss Independent” chorus: on the subway, on a public street, in your cubicle.

“Rumors” By Lindsay Lohan

Aro on YouTube


“Bubble Pop Electric” By Gwen Stefani

tempa93 on YouTube

This Gwenny Gwen Gwen tune will perk up even the groggiest of commuters.

“From AM To PM” By Christina Milian

MssLotte1990 on YouTube

10 points to anyone who listens to this on their headphones while pouring themselves a cup of coffee at the am/pm.

“These Boots Are Made For Walkin’” By Jessica Simpson

jessicasimpsonVEVO on YouTube

J. Simps’s cover of the Nancy Sinatra jam will have you feelin' bootloose, er, footloose and fancy-free.

“Don’t Tell Me” By Madonna

madonna on YouTube

Don’t telllll meeeeee/I’m going to be late for work/Stopping for a bagel is something I must do-oo-ooo.

“(There’s Gotta Be) More To Life” By Stacie Orrico

mimisofial on YouTube

There is more to life than this congested stretch of freeway. Never forget it.

“1, 2 Step” By Ciara Featuring Missy Elliott

CiaraVEVO on YouTube

Listening to this while operating a vehicle? 1, 2 step with caution (i.e., keep your hands on the wheel).

“In My Pocket” By Mandy Moore

MandyMooreVEVO on YouTube

This underrated Mandy Moore single is like Skittles for your earballs.

“Work It Out” By Beyoncé

beyonceVEVO on YouTube

Whatever obstacle the road to your place of work throws out you, you can work it out while you work it out to "Work It Out."

“What Dreams Are Made Of” By Hilary Duff

HinataAburameUchiha on YouTube

To quote another Hils song: Why not?

When these early '00s pop are sitting in your proverbial sidecar, your trek from point A to point B will be as *~kewl~* as a glitter-shellacked butterfly clip.