Cat Grant Stayed In The Dark On 'Supergirl' & Kara Gets To Keep Her Secret A Little Longer

Remember how exciting it was a few weeks ago on Supergirl, when it looked like Cat Grant had discovered that her assistant was an alien vigilante? Maybe they could finally become allies, and she'd finally stop calling her Kira! Well, big letdown on both accounts — somehow Kara kept her secret from Cat on Supergirl and her identity will stay hidden for now.

Kara started denying everything the next day at work. However, Cat confronted her again and pointed out something important: it's not right for Kara to be holding two jobs. It isn't fair to Kat to have an assistant who isn't dedicated, and it isn't fair to the city to have a superhero with non-super responsibilities. She gave Kara an ultimatum: prove that she isn't Supergirl, or quit her job. Initially, Kara initially chose the latter option — then used J'onn J'onzz's Martian skills to trick Cat into seeing both Kara and Supergirl in the same room. Cat admitted her "mistake" and they went about their lives.

What I don't truly understand is what's so wrong with letting Cat Grant, a woman in a powerful position that has been nothing but trustworthy, know Kara's secret? Does she want a normal life that bad? Is this some kind of Kryptonian imposter syndrome? I'm not sure that I truly understand what Kara is so afraid of, specifically. It's also a shame, because Cat's jokes and puns about Kara being Supergirl were killer.

Isn't it interesting: with so many high-powered aliens flying around, the biggest problems are still human. Maxwell Lord is probably an evil genius. Cat Grant is mean. Meanwhile, J'onn is a hero, General Astra and Kara had a momentary truce, and we also learned that Astra and Alurra came to an agreement on Krypton before Astra was sent to the prison at Fort Rozz.

Image: Darren Michaels CBS