These 'Bachelor' Arrivals Were Awkward

Another season of ABC's reality love show The Bachelor, another cascade of limo exits featuring women in evening gowns and very high heels. It’s the circle of life, y’all! Every year, I hold out hope that everyone will show up with no pick-up lines or weird costumes. Every year, my hopes are dashed, and Season 20 is no different than any other season. Ben Higgins, our newest heartthrob, had plenty of strange, awkward, hilarious Bachelor introductions to the women on Monday night, and that’s something he’ll have to live with for the rest of his life.

A memorable introduction can really set you apart from the competition — Kaitlyn Bristowe’s “you can plow the f*ck out of my field any day” to then-Bachelor Chris Soules was particularly memorable. Ben Flajnik brought Ashley Hebert a bottle of wine from his vineyard. Ben from Desiree’s season brought his suited-up baby son to win a first impression rose. And, let’s not forget everyone who shows up in a vehicle that’s not a limo — pogo stick, Segway, golf cart, hover board, cupcake, etc. Some people really pull out all the stops! Unfortunately for the women on this list, their limo entrances really got lost in translation.

1. Mandi

Mandi came in with a big paper rose on her head (she called herself the “first impression rose”) and told Ben that he could pollinate it later. Sigh.

2. JoJo

She could barely see out of it, but JoJo (her real name is Joelle) came out of the limo wearing a rubber unicorn head, because “unicorns do exist.” Don’t worry, she also instantly hated her own joke.

3. Izzy

Izzy came purposefully underdressed to meet Ben. Why? She wore a onesie, because “Ben is the onesie” for her. Oh boy.

4. Breanne

Breanne is a nutritional therapist, so I get that she likes to eat healthy. But when she got out of the limo, she said that gluten was “Satan” and wanted Ben to help her “break bread," aka smash baguettes into the ground. Seems like a waste of good bread if you ask me.

5. Jackie

Jackie made a “Save the Date” card for her and Ben’s hopeful upcoming nuptials, complete with the perfect hashtag ("to Higgins and to hold.") I admire her aplomb, but damn, Ben looked uncomfortable.

6. Jami

A really big... heart? Oh, come on, Jami. We can do better than this! I bet that joke came straight from Kaitlyn (Jami and Kaitlyn Bristowe are pals).

7. Lace

I don't condone kissing someone without his or her consent, so Lace was not going to get high marks in my book. Not cool.

There are always a few weird entrances on The Bachelor, but perhaps this bodes well for an entertaining season.

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Images: Rick Rowell/ABC