'Camp X-Ray' Gives Kristen a New Direction

There are people of few words, and then there's Kristen Stewart. The famously private actress has a new film, Camp X-Ray , that premiered at the Sundance Film Festival. In the film, she plays a newly enlisted guard that befriends a prisoner at Guantanamo Bay. What's even more interesting about the film, however, is why Stewart chose to take on the role. She hadn't made a film since Twilight: Breaking Dawn — Part Two in 2012, with then-boyfriend Robert Pattinson. And surprisingly, the queen of keeping mum opened up about why she decided to take a year off between projects.

"I had sort of been considering taking time off for a long time, but this was not planned," Stewart says in an interview with MTV. "I'm a total workaholic, and if there's something out there that feels worth it, then I will work through Christmas. It doesn't matter. It was simply because I didn't find anything that I really dug."

Maybe what was so appealing about Camp X-Ray was that it signified a huge jump in maturity as an actress, and exemplified the direction she wanted her career to go in — it was probably worth it to wait and pick the right role to do so. After all, doing the Bella Swan blank-stare (and playing someone named Bella Swan) had to have gotten old.

"It is important to fill the well. As an actor, all you want to do is give as much as can, and obviously, you need experience to draw from," she says. "Not to say that you're not having experience while making movies. It's nice to decompress and recharge. It really is a necessary step to being a good actor."

The new face of Chanel also has films Sils Maria and Anesthesia coming out in 2014. Stewart will also be co-starring with Jennifer Lawrence's boyfriend, Nicholas Hoult, in Equals, an adaptation of the 1984 film version of the George Orwell epic dystopian novel, 1984. However, what I want to know is, even if she gets nominated for an Oscar one day, or even just keeps on this new film path, will she ever drop the smirk? I guess we'll just have to wait and find out.