The GOP Threatens Obama's Gun Control Executive Orders With Everything It's Got


President Obama released his plan for an executive action Tuesday in the hopes of curbing the United States' escalating problem with gun violence. And to no one's surprise, members of the GOP have responded with their usual flurry of angry, paranoid tweets and statements. The president's plans aim to close the problematic gun show and online sales loophole for firearms, increase federal spending on background checks, and make mental healthcare services easier to access. But as usual, the GOP's response to Obama's executive order was overwhelming negative.

Prior to Obama even announcing the full details of his plan, Rep. John Culberson penned a letter to Attorney General Loretta Lynch in which he stated that he would seek to withhold resources for the action. The Huffington Post reports that Culberson has been a frequent opponent to gun control reform. On the behalf of the Subcommittee on Commerce, Justice, Science, and Related Agencies, the Republican member of the Tea Party caucus threatened to undermine this year's fiscal spending plan.

Richard Ellis/Getty Images News/Getty Images

This committee in particular is seen as one of the most powerful in the U.S. House of Representatives, as it holds "the power of the purse." Such committees are able to manipulate the actions of another group by withholding or putting stipulations on funding. This could be another roadblock to Obama's gun control reform.

The reactions following the announcement haven't improved, with the GOP clinging to their guns as tightly as ever.

As always, it seems that Obama will have to perform a balancing act between his wish for gun control reform and Congress' desire to halt it. Hopefully, with the executive action, his plan will ultimately outweigh the GOP's pandering to paranoid gun advocates.