'Daredevil' Season 2 Might Have A Premiere Date, But The Competition Is Fierce

UPDATE: On Thursday, January 7, Netflix announced that the Daredevil Season 2 premiere date would be March 18, 2016, not March 25, as rumored. They also released a teaser from Season 2.

EARLIER: It looks like Marvel and DC will be going head-to-head once more and, honestly, I'm not sure who's going to come out on top this time. Daredevil Season 2 might have a premiere date, according to current rumors, but you might want to hold on before you start blocking off the entire month of March to prepare for more Matt Murdock adventures on March 25. Why? Because March 25, 2016 is also the release date of Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice, the DC Cinematic Universe film that will not only give us our first taste of Batman and Superman teaming up but that will, more importantly, introduce Wonder Woman to them and to us ahead of her solo film. But Daredevil. But Batman V Superman. But... decisions.

Conceivably, you don't have to make a true decision at all. There will be plenty of time to marathon watch Daredevil Season 2 and still have time to get out of the house and go watch a showing of Batman V Superman. That's what happens when one thing is a TV show and one thing is a film; you already have Netflix, so you don't need to decide what one thing to spend your money on. It's your time that's more valuable in this instance, as that's a free 10 hours of Daredevil vs. spending anywhere between $9 and $15 on a ticket to see a two hour Wonder Woman movie, with Batman and Superman somewhere in the back there. (I mean, that's basically what I'm going for. I don't know about you.)

However, this release date is still unconfirmed, so there's a good chance that this comic book competition might not happen after all. The question of when Daredevil Season 2 will premiere is one that only Netflix can answer, and while these rumors might certainly be interesting — who doesn't love a good DC vs. Marvel media brawl — that doesn't make them the reality. March might roll around, and we might have nothing but Batman V Superman to look forward to. Or Daredevil might be considerate and premiere the day before Batman V Superman, so you don't have to choose which one to spend your time on.

And, hey, even if they do premiere at the same time, that's just around 12 hours out of your day devoted to watching superhero media, many of those hours being something you can pause and come back to later if you need to break up all that darkness and explosions with a couple of episodes of Friends or something. While we wait for Netflix to give us the official Daredevil Season 2 release date, it might be a good idea to take my earlier suggestion and just block off the entire month of March. Apparently, you never know what exciting things could happen in that month.

Image: Netflix; Giphy