Kendall Jenner Said WHAT About Her Style?

The year of 2016 looks to be the year of honesty for the Kardashian-Jenners. Their blog posts are veering away from just focusing on their favorite clothing and products and instead getting more and more personal. On her most recent post regarding her style, Kendall Jenner says she's the least trendy sister out of the bunch, and although you're probably rolling your eyes, in a way she's kind of right. She might not be on top of the most popular looks, but her own personal style is creating the latest trends — how's that for a mind trick!

I can't even imagine growing up with four sisters, let alone constantly being compared to them in the public eye, so it only makes sense that the 20-year-old would open up about it on her blog. From Kourtney Kardashian talking about her anxiety to Jenner's secret hospitalization, the family is seriously giving subscribers the scoop on their lives, and this latest one is no different. Jenner opened up about how she feels about her look, and what sets her apart from her sisters.

"I'm simple, clean, and I don't like anything too crazy," Jenner says on her website. "Every once in a while, I like to wear something fun and poppy. Compared to all of my sisters, though, I feel like I'm not as trendy."

The star has perfected her street style look, slayed on the runway, and caught everyone's attention on the red carpet, so what's the model's secret?

"I guess the only rule I follow is that I pick the things I love," she says on the site.

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If that's not the best style advice you've ever heard, then I don't know what is. It makes complete sense now why her style is so much different than her sisters. While they're wearing the hottest designers and most on-trend outfits, she sticking to what she really likes. The star might think this makes her the least trendy, but really she's the one that stands out most. Just take a look for yourself.

1. Fashion-Forward Jackets

Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Jenner stands out among all her other sisters, but not just because she's sitting in the middle. Just look at how she combines edgy style with modern classics, while the other women keep it light and casual.

2. Subtle Hues

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The nude turtleneck dress is so different than her sisters' skin-revealing outfits.

3. Deep V-Neck Gowns

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Her sisters love to have a wow-factor, but Jenner often opts for comfortable classics with a twist.

4. Stand-Out Slacks

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She's not afraid to veer away from the traditional and spice things up with more bold styles.

5. Unique Cutouts

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The model has a way of looking confident no matter what she's wearing — even the most skin-bearing outfits.

6. On-Point Styling

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She might have missed the printed skirt memo, but her different outfit and styling definitely paid off.

7. Pop Of Color

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It seems like the sisters are constantly planning to match each other, but Jenner frequently goes a different route.

8. Classic Colors

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Even from a young age, she wasn't worried about fitting in.

9. Elegant Minis

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Because she sticks to things that she loves and goes simple, she has been a clear style winner from the beginning.

She might not be the trendiest, but her style advice is definitely worth following!