These Cold Weather Memes Are So Spot On

Is anyone else shocked by how freaking cold it's gotten all of a sudden? I know it should come as no surprise — it is winter, after all — but as these cold weather memes perfectly sum up, there's just no way to ease the pain of those first truly freezing days of the season (especially after much of the country experienced such a mild December). With that first icy blast of cold air, you immediately feel like Mother Nature has betrayed you. Of course, that feeling doesn't last — but only because your soul is too frozen to feel anything. Winter, I say this every year, but you. are. the. worst.

The bad news? Winter has only just begun, meaning we have at least two more months of this frigid nonsense ahead of us. The good news? Laughter warms you up. So, take a gander at the funniest winter memes the Internet has to offer, and use them to help thaw out your body, mind, and spirit. And maybe also grab a blanket. And a space heater. And the closest hot beverage you can find. And alcohol. Alcohol always helps. Just remember — winter can't last forever, but... never mind. There's no point in being optimistic. It's cold outside, and it's only going to get worse.

In other words, the worst.

I honestly can't remember what my toes feel like.

Seriously, I demand answers.


Thank you, winter, for punching me in the face.

At least we haven't had to deal with this... yet.

Lies. So many lies.

Still hustlin,' even when it's cold outside.

Unfortunately, winter has only just begun.

Squad goals ^^.

She must be stopped.

Uh, I'm going back to bed.

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