How Much Will Kylie Jenner's Makeup Line Cost?

Makeup mavens, are you ready for this? Kylie Jenner plans to expand her makeup line in 2016, adding more color options to her totally sold out, hard-to-find, and much-coveted Kylie Lip Kits. She also hopes to create additional products. So that's double the good news. Jenner's makeup skills are enviable. She appears to have pretty good follow through and she also has the resources, so I expect this dream of hers to become a reality. But how much will Kylie Jenner's makeup line cost?

Well, let's think about a few things first.

Given the frenzied reaction to her Lip Kits, which come in three neutral shades, I am expecting a Kylie Jenner makeup line, which she discussed on her website, to be the mother of all quality beauty launches in 2016.

How quickly Jenner gets a range of products from idea to the marketplace remains to be seen, as does what other items she will offer. Will she keep the "kit" theme? Will she do teams of blush? Gloss? Bronzer? Liner? Brow products?

All of this will factor into how much will Jenner's makeup line will cost.

We have no idea about pricing right now, since the products haven't been seen and aren't sold yet. That said, we can make a very educated guess about the price point based on a variety of factors.

First, Jenner's Lip Kits are $29 — although they go for much more on eBay.

I expect her makeup to fall in the same price range. While almost $30 is a bit steep for a liquid lipstick and liner, lips are Jenner's signature and her first product had to be primo.

I expect her makeup range to have similar, department store-sized price tags. Her Lip Kits did attract makeupistas of all ages that are fans of the deep, suede-like, and defined lip look.

That said, a sizable chunk of Jenner's fanbase consists of teens and co-eds who don't have tons of expendable income. I am confident that both she and her team will "know their audience" and they will likely work to keep the products as affordable and as high quality as possible. Perhaps her items will be duos, like the Lip Kits, to justify a steeper price tag and add further value.

Anything is possible. But I think it's prudent to use the $29 Lip Kit price as a starting point and assume additional single products will probably go for $15 and go up to $40.

Also, let's not ignore the nugget of good news that Jenner revealed. The fact that she is expanding the Lip kit color range means the products will be restocked again. Hurray!

Images: Kylie Lip Kit/Instagram (1); Khloe Kardashian/Instagram (1)