7 Ways To Stave Off Stubble When It's Cold

The struggle against stubble is always super real, and winter cold seems to make it even worse. However, with these epic ways to stave off stubble when it's cold outside, your legs can stay silky smooth just a little bit longer. Just because it's chilly outside doesn't mean you have to sacrifice that luxurious just-shaved feeling!

This article is especially near and dear to me, because it's literally seventeen degrees outside in Brooklyn right now and I definitely just shaved this morning since I'm wearing a dress tonight (otherwise, I'm a hardcore advocate for not shaving during winter). Fortunately, this is not my first New York winter, and I knew the really cold weather would hit eventually and I'd have to add a few extra hacks to make my shaving worthwhile in the morning.

Last year, however, was a different story. On the occasions I would decide to shave, I'd step out of the shower and into my freezing cold apartment, get serious goosebumps, and be left with hardcore stubble within a few hours. WHY?! As a result, I was forced to scope out some strategies that would help keep my legs softer longer. Luckily, I discovered a solid amount of legit hacks to prevent winter stubble and feel all kinds of confident they'll work for you, too!

1. Use A Fresh Razor

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Cold weather or not, a clean shave that won't leave any lingering stubble starts with a sharp razor. You should really toss a disposable razor after three uses tops and start fresh.

2. Consider Swapping Your Shaving Cream

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Shaving cream or gel that won't irritate your legs is especially crucial when it's cold out since the harsh weather can trigger all sorts of issues. I find that my legs are particularly sensitive in the winter and loved The Pioneer Woman's advice to use Cetaphil cleanser instead of standard shaving cream during the chilly months to prevent any irritation and get a really, really close shave.

3. Save Shaving For Last

According to, you'll be able to get the closest shave possible by waiting until you're almost done with your shower to start shaving. That way, you've already had those "Oh man I'm naked and it's cold!" goosebumps that have pushed out your hair and are now gone so things will be ready for the razor.

4. Definitely Exfoliate First

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Before you reach for your razor, don't skip gently exfoliating your legs first. Removing dead skin cells means you'll be able to swoop in and get all those shorter hairs that are just waiting to become stubble.

5. Stay Steamy As Long As Possible

Racing out of the bathroom and into your cold apartment (or home/dorm/whatever!) is almost guaranteed to cause goosebumps that will lead to stubble. If possible, gradually open your bathroom door to let cool air in so your skin has time to adjust to the temperature and is less likely to pucker up.

6. Use Stubble Inhibitor

Growth Inhibitor And Body Moisturizer, $10, Walgreens

Want to really kick things up a notch? Refinery29 advocated trying out a hair growth inhibitor and moisturizer. It hydrates your skin in way that almost seals hair follicles to slow down the stubble process.

7. Lock It Down With Lotion

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If a stubble inhibitor sounds a little intense to you, even just sealing your legs with a super hydrating moisturizer will help ward off stubble and extend that blissful silky feeling.

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Images: Isla Murray/Bustle (3); Courtesy Of Brands