How Often Should You Shave In The Winter?

by Lindsey Rose Black

The winter shaving struggle can be pretty real. If you've found yourself asking "How often do you shave in the winter?" there's really not one right answer. However, I've rounded up some pretty epic reasons why you should consider shaving less when the temperatures drop. And if you think your partner would freak if you didn't shave this season, you all should just try doing it together! #ProblemSolved

While I love the feeling of crawling into sheets with freshly shaved legs (who doesn't?) my motivation to spend time actually shaving properly pretty much plummets in the winter when I know my legs are going to be super covered up anyway. Admittedly, my shaving strategy in chilly temps end up getting reduced to the day of a holiday party or date where I know someone will be all about touching my legs.

Otherwise, things get pretty hairy and that's fine by me! I'd be lying if I said I miss doing shower acrobatics to hit the spots behind my knees while trying not to fall on my ass.

If you've never gone fuzzy through the winter, I would encourage you to totally give it a try. Once you get past the stubble phase, you hit a fuzz layer that is soft, warm, and shamelessly amazing. And if you're not convinced yet, don't miss the reasons below you should totally embrace winter fuzz.

1. No Cuts

This might seem obvious, but take time to soak it in. Can you imagine not having a single razor blade nick for MONTHS?

2. No Razor Burn

Another insane concept. You could be razor burn free for weeks on end. Bonus points for the fact a little fuzz will act as another barrier to help prevent you from chafing in winter.

3. Softer Skin

Notice I said softer here, not smoother. Shaving requires you to stand in a hot shower or tub for a fair amount of time, and sadly, all of that hot water leaches your body of its natural oils. Skipping the razor means shorter showers and, in turn, no dry skin in winter!

4. Free Thermal Action

While I love my winter thermals, it's kind of fun to skip thermal leggings and still stay surprisingly warm thanks to a little natural hairy insulation.

5. Better Sex

OK, this applies more to pubic hair and upper thighs, but did you know that the hair up there acts as a natural "pheromone trapper?" According to ThoughtCatalogu, "the body’s apocrine glands release pheromones that cling to the pubic hair and increase arousal in potential mating partners." That's right, your pubes are a scientific turn on. Bam.

6. The Warm Fuzzies

I know the stubble phase sucks, but the first day you go from stubble to fuzz is like "OH MY GOD I FEEL SO AMAZING I'M MY OWN BLANKET." If you've ever experienced this, you know the funky bliss I'm referring to.

7. All The Liberating Body-Pos Feels

Fighting media expectations that there is only one form of acceptable beauty is liberating, and choosing not to shave gives you a confidence that doesn't go away whether or not you ever pick up a razor blade again.

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Image: Isla Murray/Bustle (2); Pixabay; Unsplash; Andrew Zaeh/Bustle (2)