11 Things We Learned About Dating In The Last Year

There were no shortage of fascinating dating studies and surveys in 2015. One study discovered that we all fall into one of four relationship styles, and we tend to repeat these styles in patterns. Another found out that the happiest couples have sex once a week, and your credit score might predict how long your relationship will last. It turns out that 36 questions (plus a four-minute eye-gazing bonus round) really can make people fall in love (though it's not foolproof). On the technology front, cell phones are definitely damaging to relationships, but sexting brings happiness in LTRs. Men are more likely to cheat than women. Gratitude is the key to happy, healthy, committed relationships. Feeling physically unstable — by balancing on one foot, say — can make us feel unstable in our romantic relationships, even if we feel OK about them when we're not wobbling around. And our friends have way more sway on our opinions of our romantic partners than anyone else, including our coworkers and our families.

And those are just some of the highlights from the latest research. Here are 11 things studies and surveys uncovered about dating last year, because thinking that no one pre-Googles is so 2015.

1. People Are Obsessed With British Accents

Time Out asked 11,000 people across the globe to answer questions about dating in 2015, and the responses were intriguing. For example, the sexiest accent, hands-down? British.

2. The Best City In The World To Date Is Paris

Of course the City of Lights is the best place to date, because it's the best place to basically do everything.

3. Daters Are Unhappiest In New York

And this surprises exactly no one who has ever lived here. Especially depressing: 45 percent of single New Yorkers described themselves as "sad to be single." 😢

4. Men And Women See Dating Differently

Case in point: Men in New York and Chicago describe dating in those cities as "a fertile orchard, brimming with opportunity," while women New Yorkers and Chicagoans called dating "a war zone."

5. They Cracked The Code This Year On First Dates

Researchers from Stanford and the University of California held free speed-dating events for heterosexual graduate students. After each four-minute date, the researchers asked the students how well they clicked with their dates. Though physical and character traits initially ruled women's opinion of their dates, with each minute that passed, these became less important, trumped by the actual flow of conversation. The researchers found that certain things made women feel more connected with their dates — namely, if the man said "you" a lot, laughed when she laughed, and interrupted them to ask followup questions. So now we all know what to do on first dates. Thanks, guys.

6. They Cracked The Code On Dating Profiles Too

The highlights? Winning profiles include a photograph of yourself smiling so genuinely that your eyes are crinkling; profile names are best when they're a shout-out to intelligence, not attractiveness, and begin with a letter in the first half of the alphabet; and show, don't tell. (In other words, don't say, "I'm so smart!" Mention that you read three book per week.)

7. All It Takes Is Two To Three Minutes To Decide About A Second Date

Just two to three minutes into a date, most people decide whether they want a second date or not. So we should all keep first dates to a 15-minute rule, and move on with our lives.

8. Dating: Quality Vs. Quantity

If you're looking for quantity, hit up dating apps and sites — 60 percent of respondents to Time Out's Global Dating Survey said they have the best luck online if they're looking for sheer quantity, date-wise. For quality, 62 percent said they have had their most enjoyable dates with friends of friends.

9. People Totally Date Their Bosses

And their friends' exes. And their teachers. A staggering 10 percent of Time Out's Global Dating Survey's pollees said they have dated their boss at one time or another. A cringe-worthy 20 percent of those who took the survey said they have dated a friend's ex. And 7 percent have done the whole teacher-student thing. These taboos are out there, and they're more common than you might think.

10. Everyone Pre-Googles

Especially in Paris, where 73 percent of men and women research their dates before they first meet. Over half of respondents worldwide reported the same thing. So take down those drunk high school photos from your Tumblr, perhaps.

11. Three Dates Is Still The Magic Number

After three dates, sex is on the table. Or after 3.53, to be exact.

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