Kristen Bell Loves 'Making A Murderer' So Much She Wants Jerry Buting As Her Valentine (Sorry, Dax Shepard!)

Like every other person in America, one celebrity in particular is professing her love for Making a Murderer and a key player throughout the Netflix series. Kristen Bell loves Making a Murderer and Jerry Buting. Those who watched the docu-series over the holidays (myself included), know that Buting, alongside Dean Strang, was Steven Avery's defense lawyer. As showcased on the Veronica Mars star's Twitter page, she is so into the infuriating, terrifying, and captivating documentary that Bell wants Buting to be her Valentine. Sorry, Dax Shepard!

She tweeted, "Dear @JButing, sending you so much respect & humbly, w/@daxshepard1 permission, asking u to be my valentine. #werethereanyaliensintheroom." At this time, Buting has yet to respond. As for Shepard? Seeing as Bell's husband is such a wonderful guy, I'm sure he won't mind if the two spend Valentine's Day together.

Also, for those wondering about that hashtag. When Buting questioned a police officer on the stand, he asked him, "There weren't any aliens in the room, right?" The officer replied, "Not that I know of." Yes, that happened. That's just one of the many memorable moments from the series.

Anyways, that's not really as important as Bell's declaration of love for Buting. Actually, she isn't the first person to do so. If you scroll through Twitter, there are a ton of tweets about viewers' admiration for Buting and Strang. Heck, even this image shared by Katie Briquelet, and also tweeted by Bell, is making its way around the Internet.

Buting and Strang are the essential heroes of Making a Murderer, so it makes sense why Bell adores Buting so much. She's so invested in the series that she watched it while having the flu, which isn't a great idea. I mean, it made me feel icky after four episodes, so add flu on top of that and that's one rough viewing experience. She tweeted, "The only thing making me sicker than this flu is watching #MakingAMurderer. Thank god 4 my #dadbeast @daxshepard1 to hold my hand & my hair."

Thankfully, Buting was there to make the experience less sickening for her.