Is The CaKe Clothing Line Coming Soon?

While only rumored at the moment, a design collaboration between #BFFs Kendall Jenner and Cara Delevingne totally makes sense. So, if it's really happening, when will the CaKe clothing line be available to shop? Nothing has been confirmed just yet, but there's some evidence it could be coming soon.

CaKe is a nickname that combines both models names, and it is now rumored the besties will be releasing a collection based around the moniker. An anonymous source told The Sun that a collaboration between the two friends is in the works. No release date was mentioned, but The Daily Mail reports that Jenner and Delevingne had the phrase "CaKe" trademarked this summer. LOOK Magazine also stated that the duo trademarked the phrase CaKe by Kendall and Cara back in July of 2015. So, if the collab is a reality, it seems as though Jenner and Delevingne may have been working on this project for half a year already. That also means the release may just be on the horizon!

Considering that the source told The Sun that T-shirts and hats have already been designed, the release could be even sooner than anticipated. The same source also indicated that Jenner and Delevingne might be planning to open stores in the US and the UK.

With two of the most popular ladies in the fashion industry (each with an impressive resume), this rumored range would definitely be a huge success. Plus, considering Jenner and Delevigne collectively have more than 70 millions followers on social media, I think it's safe to say there will be quite some demand for the CaKe duds if they ever do get released.

Jenner and Delevingne began showcasing their friendship on their social media accounts awhile back, eventually using CaKe as a witty way to describe themselves. It didn't take long for the girls to begin wearing black T-shirts with CaKe emblazoned on the front in a bold white font. Maybe this is the same aesthetic the alleged collaboration will follow? Only time will tell.

Until the CaKe collection is confirmed, we likely won't have a release date, but if you want to stay on top of the latest information about the rumor, I'd keep an eye on these ladies' Instagram accounts.