Dolce & Gabbana's Latest Endeavor Is So Cool

For all of the fashionable Muslim and Arab women out there — life just got a little more luxe. Dolce & Gabbana just released a line of hijabs and abayas that have all of the high-fashion vibes you’d expect from the brand. They are made in delicate lightweight fabrics such as satin weave charmeuse, because Dolce & Gabanna always makes the ordinary extraordinary. They feature a neutral color palette, but there are fun prints that stay true to the fun, ladylike spirit of the brand.

Daisy and lemon prints channel the Spring 2016 collection, and add a bit of whimsy to a classic, chic look. What else could you want from Dolce & Gabbana, you know? Fans of the brand will definitely not be disappointed with these latest hijabs and abayas. The collection features dramatic draping and folds, which, according to, makes them great for special occasions. But, I say that everyday is a special occasion when you get to wear D & G, so why not make these your everyday wear, you know? Because even the most casual of moments can be chic — especially with this brand in your closet.

See some of what the line has to offer, and get ready to drape yourself in the finest Dolce & Gabbana style.

Daisies make everyday a little brighter, don't you agree?

Leave it to Dolce & Gabbana to deliver in terms of chicness.

Delicate lace and polka dots add intricacies to these looks.

These new products will provide major glam moments.

This is pretty much as luxe as it gets, so this fashion house has gone and done it, again.

Image: stylearabia/Instagram (1)